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How To Make A Living Trading Stocks

Do you want to know how to make a GREAT LIVING trading stocks? It’s easy if you use the trading indicator that IS NEVER WRONG.

How TO Make A Living Trading Stocks

Published: June 20, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

It’s Easy To Make A Living Trading Stocks

Want to make a $250 to $1k a Day?…trading stocks?

It is VERY easy to do, but you need a plan. A plan that is used by professional traders.

Becoming a professional day trader is about 3 things:

Find the right stocks, use the trading indicator that is NEVER WRONG, and stick to a figure per trade.

1. How to find the right stocks to trade.

You are trading, not investing, so you are looking for stocks that are volatile.

The goal is to take a $.25 to $.50 profit with every trade.

1000 shares times $.25 is $250. You can do this SEVERAL TIMES a day if you pick the right stocks to trade.

Obviously, it is easier for a $100 stock to move $.25 than a $5 stock because the percentage is relative.

$.25 on a $100 is ONLY a .25% move but it is a 5% move on a $5 stock.

It is MUCH EASIER to capture $.25-$.50 moves with higher-priced stocks…so THOSE are the stocks you should be trading.

Until you get comfortable day trading, stick with higher-priced stocks like Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.

Do not trade illiquid penny stocks, or that tip your buddy gave you.

(see the Easiest Day Trading Program For Beginners)


How To Make A Living Day Trading Stocks
The Easiest Way To Day Trade Stocks

Use the stock trading indicator that is NEVER WRONG!

Yes, it exists. If you use one of the major trading platforms, it is available for free.

This is the trading indicator that professionals use because it is very much like the is NEVER wrong.

The pundits on CNBC make predictions just like the weatherman, but when you step outside it’s either raining or it’s not.

This is NOT a prediction tool, it is a real tool.

This trading indicator uses artificial intelligence to show where a stock should be trading based on volume and price.

Stocks go up and down during the day, but they are also overbought and oversold during those periods.

This indicator will tell you when a stock is in one of those conditions and gives you the ability to capture the reversion to the mean.

To simplify… it indicates a stock that is overbought or oversold and lets you know the price that it should trade back to.

Most often this difference is AT LEAST $.25-50. In some cases it’s several dollars.

Example: A stock is moving up really fast, faster than it has based on the amount of volume to the price. It is set for a pullback in the upmove.

THAT is how you can get those $.25-$.50 moves VERY EASILY.

There is NO EMOTION with this indicator.

It tells you when to enter a trade, and when to exit… down to the MINUTE.

It also tells you when a trade is going against you… so you can get out with minimal losses.


How To Trade Stocks For A Living
The Best Way To Day Trade Stocks

How much can you make per day trading?

Once you set up this indicator on your trading platform, and backtest stocks, you will see THOUSANDS of $.25-$.50 moves in one day.

This indicator will show you how you could have captured at least $.25 a dozen times in one day on a stock like Apple.

It is not uncommon for a professional (or good amateur) to make 10-15 trades a day for at least $.25 per trade.

If you’re trading 100o share positions, that’s a couple of thousand dollars a day.

You are not looking for big gains.

You want a dozen $.25-$.50 trades a day. That is how you make a GREAT living as a day trader.

 Learn how to be a great day trader and use the best stock trading indicator in the guide below.

“The Easiest Way To Day Trade Stocks”

The best and easiest stock trading program for beginners

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Stock Day Trading Tips.

  1. Protect your capital.
  2. The stock market is NEVER wrong, your trade is.
  3. The same stock can be a buy and short in the matter of minutes.
  4. Focus on taking small gains FIRST.
  5. ALWAYS obey this stock indicator.
  6. NEVER try to “make up” a bad trading day with one trade.
  7. NEVER take a position home overnight.


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