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The BEST And FASTEST Ulcerative Colitis Treatment WITHOUT Medication

Want to control your ulcerative colitis fast and without medication? Here is the BEST TREATMENT for ulcerative colitis. Period.

The best and fastest ulcerative colitis treatment without medication

Published: March 7, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

The BEST & FASTEST Ulcerative Colitis Treatment WITHOUT Medication

Want to control your ulcerative colitis fast and without medication? Here is the BEST TREATMENT for ulcerative colitis. Period.

First off…RELAX, there is a way to treat this CONDITION.  Notice I used that word? A condition is something that can be CHANGED.

I’m going to share everything you need to know about it, and how to get back to living your life normally..FAST.

1. What is ulcerative colitis

2. How do you get it, or what triggers it?

3. What are some current myths about it?

4. The BEST & FASTEST way to treat it WITHOUT medication

5. How I cured my ulcerative colitis.

First, ulcerative colitis is an autoimmune condition where the body is attacking healthy cells in the body because it thinks they are a threat to your body.

Huh? Your own body sees itself as a threat.

Your body, or rather your subconscious mind (SM), was designed to look for threats and automatically trigger a response in your body.  You do NOT THINK about this.

Have you ever heard the saying “fight or flight?“. When the body senses a threat to its survival it will automatically do things to get the body to run or fight.

Blood flows to the parts of your body where it needs it to run or flight, and AWAY from places where it doesn’t need it (think stomach). That is called an immune response.

Your boss emails you, you go up and ask a girl for her phone number, you have to give a speech on stage..etc

Your heart will start racing, you may start sweating, face can become flushed. These are all things your subconscious mind does to your body, to SAVE YOU from dying.

In some extreme cases, rather than getting the body ready to flight or flight, it may “play dead“.

Here are where the problem comes in as it relates to ulcerative colitis:

Your body perceives those situations above as life threatening, even though they are not. The SM cannot tell the difference between real and imagined threats.

Eventually you will meet with your boss, the girl will not give you her phone number and the speech will be over.

The subconscious mind did its job and you are safe.

But what happens when a so called life threatening situation never ends?

Or what happens when the SM perceives a threat and it doesn’t go away?


How do you get ulcerative colitis?

What causes a flare up?

You don’t “get” it or catch it. It happens over a period of time. The body, or the SM, is letting your know there’s a problem and it will tell you with something YOU CAN SEE.

Don’t you find it odd that the body can fix a broken bone, or heat a cut but it can’t heal a rash or something like ulcerative colitis?

It is an inflammation. It your body’s process of fighting against things that harm it. In this case it isn’t a food, it is a perceived threat that your body can longer defend.

The red you see is the body’s own “STOP” sign.

Instead of sweating to cool your body down, or pumping blood to your legs to run faster, it is showing you blood so you will finally take this life threat seriously.

Ever wonder why some people pass out at the sight of blood?

Your body is an amazing piece of machinery with incredible computing power on top of your shoulders.

It came preprogrammed with 2 fears: fear of heights and fear of loud noise.

The rest of the fears you have today were LEARNED.

Ulcerative colitis is caused by the body’s INABILITY to “fight” or “flight” a threat perceived by the subconscious mind.

There is a fear, or fears in your life that you are not consciously addressing. It’s that simple.

And yes ANGER is a form of fear too.


Best and Fastest Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Without Medication

Get Instant Relief From Ulcerative Colitis

I want to get control of my life TODAY!

45 minute call ONLY $99

Current myths about ulcerative colitis.

Oh boy there are some real doozies out there.

Foods don’t”trigger” UC.

Just like you don’t need a special diet to control UC.

Vegan, gluten, lactose…all BS.

The acid in your stomach is just below that of battery acid! Anything you digest will get processed by that acid. A piece of Wonder Bread loaded with gluten is not going to trigger UC…it may give a sugar rush though 🙂

That acid though, is PRETTY caustic. That acid isn’t too far from the colon.  It can also attack the body..see where this is going?

Too much exercise doesn’t cause it. In fact exercise is one of the best things to prevent it.

Before you start wasting money on special foods, read my treatment below.


Best Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Without Medication

The BEST and FASTEST treatment for ulcerative colitis.

The SYMPTOMS are NOT in your head. They are very real.

What is causing them though are the THOUGHTS on your head.


Ulcerative colitis is caused by a threat that your subconscious mind is facing and CANNOT defend itself any longer.

Your subconscious mind is crying out for help with a threat it is seeing every day all day long.

What is that threat?…a thought (really an emotion) that it perceives as life threatening.

When you eat some bad food, or drink too much alcohol what does your body do? It automatically protects itself by throwing it back up.

Well you are “eating” a bad thought or thoughts and it has no way to throw them back up. So it is going to get your attention in other ways.

Like blood in the toilet.

Whoa, that got your attention right? That was the purpose.

Your subconscious mind makes up about 95% of your brain power. It handles EVERYTHING your body needs to function properly.

Conscious mind vs subconscious mind EXAMPLE:

You used your subconscious mind to learn how to drive a car.

Today you drive your car using your subconscious mind.

You learned how to do it, or you “programmed” your mind. You now drive without thinking. It has become a habit.

Well right now there is a thought or two in your subconscious mind that you programmed as a threat. And you SM is trying to “throw it up“.

You need to REPROGRAM your subconscious mind. Now this is NOT the same as law of attraction!

You cannot eliminate a bad thought, you can REPLACE it with one that is positive.


How to get instant relief from ulcerative colitis.

First we need to identify the problem thought(s).

This is the method  I use. I got a journal that only I would ever see.

I started writing down EVERYTHING I was concerned or angry about..EVERYTHING. This process may take a few days.

You CANNOT lie to yourself, because your subconscious mind knows all. Lying in the journal will not solve your problem.

Nobody will see this journal so you can make it extremely NEEDS TO BE!

If you have trouble starting, use these two lines: “I am afraid that” and “I hate it when“.

That’s all I have to do?

This will give immediate relief for 2 reasons.

1. This process is cathartic. It is providing psychological relief through the open experssion of strong emotions. It is a release.

Don’t be suprised if you start shedding a tear.

What you are doing is having a “therapy session” with the BEST therapist you will ever know…YOU!

2. You are also putting your thoughts down on paper. You are “throwing up” those bad thoughts so the CONSCIOUS mind can see them.

They are no longer life threatening to the subconscious mind.

Instead of telling a stranger your problems, you told your very best friend.

If you want to know how reprogram the mind around these thoughts, contact me.


Best Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Without Medication

How I cured my ulcerative colitis.

Yeah but who are you? How do I know this isn’t bunk?

My situation was different than most. I am (and was at the time) on blood thinning medication. UC wasn’t just an inconvenience, it was life threatening.

Back then I was one of the best IronMan triathletes in the world (so I was in great shape) but I could no longer train. It wasn’t my diet or lack of exercise!

It got so bad I couldn’t leave my house…

It was a Sunday night and I had thoughts of not living like this any more.

So I WAS in your shoes…and I am here to tell you, you CAN overcome this.

Today I help people overcome UC or other conditions that are usually caused by a subconscious mind that is out of control.

I AM NOT a doctor and you should ALWAYS seek medical attention. I’m just sharing what worked for me…quickly.

My email is on this site. If you need help, feel free to reach out. Just put UC in subject line.

Chin up…like EVERYTHING in life…”a problem is NEVER as bad as it it first appears“.

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