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The BEST Artificial Intelligence Penny Stock VERSES AI

VERSES AI, and its Active Inference, is considered the BEST Artificial Intelligence Penny Stock. Here are 10 reasons why.

The BEST Artificial Intelligence Penny Stock VERSES AI

Published: March 14, 2023 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

The BEST A.I. Penny Stock Is VERSES AI

Artificial Intelligence is about to hit an exponential curve and is expected to be the BIGGEST technology wave ever.

VERSES AI, has developed Active Inference which is considered the “Holy Grail of AI“.

Here are the TEN REASONS why it is being considered the BEST AI Penny Stock.

  1. Active Inference…the “Holy Grail of AI
  2. The World’s FIRST B2B Artificial Intelligence Operating System
  3. Launching the “ChatGPT for Enterprise
  4. Artificial Intelligence Software Development Kit (AI SDK)
  5. Better Enterprise Analytics AI solution than
  6. Multiple AI applications with multi billion dollar revenue potential
  7. The “Apple Store for AI
  8. Dr. Karl Friston..the “Einstein of AI
  9. Management & Board filled with ex Silicon Valley veterans
  10. Venture Capital like return potential


Active Inference is the “Holy Grail of AI.”

AI is how a computer can detect patterns that we humans can’t see. It can make sense from a large amount of dynamic, unstructured, and completely random data.

Here’s the problem with current AI. 

It does not understand what the data is and cannot adapt.

It IS ARTIFICIALLY Intelligent. But not TRULY intelligent.

Active Inference can Sense, Understand, Act, and React to the data and environment it sees. It will understand and be curious about what it’s doing and why it’s doing it. Not only that, it must be able to share what it learns and how it learned.

Active Inference is considered the Holy Grail of AI because it emulates the dynamic, real-time, generalizable abilities of human intelligence in software and is potentially the key to unlocking AGI – Artificial General Intelligence.

Active Inference mathematically describes how the human brain operates and adds another crucial component, reasoning.  It can sense/understand the environment/data and react using perception and beliefs.

As a result, it can use what it learns in one domain and apply it to another creatively, as humans can.

Here’s the company’s White Paper on Active Inference


The World’s FIRST B2B Artificial Intelligence Operating System.

VERSES has createdKOSMOS™ an OPERATING SYSTEM incorporating the “holy grail of AI” that can be embedded on computing devices or in the cloud.

KOSMOS™ is a cloud-based platform that allows people and organizations to Build, Run, and Sell a new class of AI (better, cheaper, and faster). 

It’s very important to note here, OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are APPLICATION(S) that rely on outdated AI technology.

Windows is the operating system that runs on roughly 1.5B PCS.

IOS and Android is the operating system that runs on approximately 4.5B mobile phones.

KOSMOS™ is built to run on over 100B devices (robots, drones, surveillance cameras etc..basically the Internet of Things.

KOSMOS™ has the potential to be SIGNIFICANTLY LARGER than Windows, Apple’s iOS, and Android operating systems… COMBINED!

Here is the BEST Artificial Intelligence Stock under $10


VERSES offers the “ChatGPT for the Enterprise.”

When stating Artificial Intelligence is the fastest growing market ever, as proof of this growth, The AI application ChatGPT gained ONE HUNDRED MILLION users in just TWO MONTHS! (Source)

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is an APPLICATION that uses a generative language model that can understand human language and retrieve data from the Surface Web (only the info that is available to the public, which amounts to LESS THAN 5% of the content on the Web.

The other 95% of the Web, called the Deep Web (not to be confused with the Dark Web here), sits behind passwords and firewalls.

The problems with ChatGPT:

  • Uses AI Technology from TEN years ago
  • Only trained for a SPECIFIC TASK
  • Relies on OUTDATED Data
  • Requires tremendous time, cost, and data to train 
  • Becomes OUTDATED as soon as it’s trained
  • Not dynamic, can’t incorporate real-time information
  • Only knows a tiny fraction of human knowledge
  • Can’t access the web, apps, files, devices, databases, etc.
  • Can’t personalize results because it knows nothing about you or your context

It is based on generative AI. This form of AI can generate novel content but CAN NOT analyze or act on existing data.

ChatGPT and generative AI, in general, are receiving blowback due to false information, copyright infringement, questionable ethics, bias etc. 

Investors today may not be aware, so it could work for a while but may need to consider adjusting it later.

A complete list of Artificial Intelligence Stocks (VERSES listed as our FAVORITE)

VERSES will offer an Artificial Intelligence Software Developer’s Kit (SDK).

AI development is VERY expensive, even though there are open-source programs available.

It takes about TWO years to train a model by giving it a large amount of data before you can see acceptable results.

Soon developers could build an AI app using the KOSMOS™ developer kit (that includes the “holy grail of AI”)… without the massive cost and time?

Taking it one step further, for ANY one of those 100B devices?

The KOSMOS™ SDK is slated to roll out in beta waves to select developers this year in Q3, with an expected public launch in Q4


VERSES’ General Information Agent (GIA) vs

C3 AI ($AI valued at over $2B), one of the hottest artificial intelligence plays out there, but there is notable differentiation when comparing it to KOSMOS.

First, when looking at their architecture: KOSMOS is built on an active inference framework that allows for real-time adaptation and learning from new data, while C3 AI uses a traditional machine learning approach that requires extensive training on large datasets.

Second, KOSMOS is an open platform that allows for integrating third-party tools and services, while C3 AI is a closed platform that limits integration with other tools and services.

These two primary differentiators, along with others, allow KOSMOS to focus on developing intelligent agents that can understand and automate complex workflows and processes!  While on the other hand, C3 AI is focused on predictive analytics and machine learning for enterprise applications.  This is very key to note here.

Not only that but KOSMOS is built around the concept of knowledge graphs that enable intelligent agents to reason about complex relationships between data, while C3 AI primarily relies on traditional data models for analysis.

When it comes to real-time processes, KOSMOS agents are designed to learn and adapt in real time based on new data and changing situations, while C3 AI models typically require significant retraining to adapt to new situations.

The bottom line here is that KOSMOS is focused on creating an open, flexible platform for developing intelligent agents that can reason about complex relationships and workflows! 

In stark contrast, C3 AI is focused on predictive analytics and machine learning for enterprise applications.


VERSES General Agent GIA vs

4 AI Applications That Could Generate Billions in Revenue.

VERSES has already developed 4 applications that run on top of the KOSMOS™ AI OPERATING SYSTEM.

1. WAYFINDER is their first application and is considered the “Waze for the Warehouse.”

Just like an Uber driver can rely on Waze (AI) and Google Maps (digital twin) to navigate efficiently without ever knowing the town, a warehouse worker can find items in a fraction of the time.

WAYFINDER solves several problems for just ONE part of the supply chain:

  • Improves warehouse productivity between 35 – 50%
  • Training a worker takes TWO days, not TWO months
  • On par with robotics for a FRACTION of the cost

WAYFINDER can be applied to any link in the supply chain (ports, shipping, retail, etc…)

They’ve already partnered with Blue Yonder, the unquestioned biggest fish in the warehouse management services pond. 

The world runs on its supply chain cloud.

Blue Yonder will now provide WAYFINDER (and possibly other AI solutions) to their 3,000 clients and the world’s largest retailers in 78 countries

2. an AI “search and analyze engine” for business.

While ChatGPT is getting a ton of publicity for its efficiency in providing “better search results” for a tiny portion of the Web…THE REAL VALUE for any company, is finding patterns in its UNSTRUCTURED databases and making decisions from that.

Instead of finding the most efficient way to find PHYSICAL items in its warehouse using WAYFINDER, KOSMOS™ technology can find the most efficient way to find DIGITAL items in its unstructured data… FAST

We’re not talking weeks or months to make sense of this data… we’re talking MINUTES!

This application can be layered ON TOP of a company’s data, and in minutes it can provide detailed analytics and be able to SEARCH for any type of statistic or conclusion.

DataLens simply represents the “Holy Grail of smart enterprise analytics”.

3. GUARDION ..Partnership with Microsoft

VERSES was awarded a grant from the European Commission to develop tools to express EU policies in a machine readable/executable format to commission autonomous drone regulation.

With this project, they had to model unstructured data/text (privacy laws), in different languages, embed it in an autonomous vehicle (drone), and enable the drone to react to these changing laws.

This initiative, which spans five cities over three years, seeks to enable use cases such as last-mile delivery, taxi drones, emergency response, security and inspection.

In securing this grant, they had to understand different languages, text from laws, and adapt to the physical environment relying on digital twins.

4. GIA The World’s FIRST AI Powered Assistant for Everyone

GIA, a General Intelligent Agent, is a next-generation personal AI assistant that is designed to learn about its users in order to better organize, manage, and optimize their digital life. 

GIA, the smart interface to the digital world, is a voice and text-based digital assistant that operates under a user’s direction and on their behalf, searching, filtering, and summarizing information across multiple data sources. 

GIA is poised to become the first intelligent all-in-one solution for anyone seeking a smarter way to organize, manage, and automate their personal and professional activities.

Sign up to get early access to GIA HERE.


World’s FIRST “Apple App Store of AI.

Think of this as an “Apple App Store for artificial intelligence,” but instead of creating apps for just ONE type of computing device (smartphone), it can enable AI applications for 100B devices (robot, drone, physical locations, cameras, street lights, wearables, cars, planes, machines, etc…) 

We call it the Apple App Store for AI because that is how many would understand the concept…when it fact, this will really be more like an “Exchange”.

We believe there are too many single-purpose AI apps leading to over complexity.

ChatGPT for text, Dall-E for images, Whisper for speech recognition, etc.

You don’t use a different search engine for sports, news, etc so with the next generation of AI (Active Inference) you won’t need to use a different application for each SEARCH & ANALYZE function.

Apple generates $60B a year from applications OTHER people build for approximately 1.5B devices (smartphone).

Critically important to note here, developers can create the AI application with the Dev Kit (SDK) and THEN place them into the AI App Store.

Unlike building apps ON iOS or Android, one doesn’t build apps ON KOSMOS.  It’s more like a series of services like, for example, Mapbox whose API is called by Yelp, but Yelp isn’t built ON Mapbox.

All those apps will run on the KOSMOS™ Platform… and better yet, VERSES gets a cut of revenue for every app… Imagine, BILLIONS of microtransactions!


Apple App Store For Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Karl Friston, the “Einstein of AI” is VERSES’ Chief Scientist.

Dr. Karl Friston is a key architect of the free energy principle and active inference.

He was ranked the number 1 most influential neuroscientist in the world by Semantic Scholar in 2016, and has received numerous awards and accolades for his work.

In October 2022, he joined VERSES as their Chief Scientist.

His appointment as chief scientist of Verses not only validates their platform’s framework for advancing AI implementations but also highlights the company’s commitment to expanding the frontier of AI research and development.

Wired Magazine says he may hold the key to true AI.


Karl Friston Free Energy Principle Active Inference

VERSES Has A Seasoned Management & Board.


VERSES AI management

Offers Venture Capital return potential.

Venture capital companies invest in next generation technology companies LONG before the company starts to generate revenue.

They take a HUGE amount of risk with the hope that their vision pays off.

They will only invest if they can see a minimum of 10X return.

Looking at the AI startups in Silicon Valley, you would be hard pressed to find one being funded UNDER $500M. We haven’t seen ANY AI startup so far along, with such an encompassing solution (and with revenue).

A LOT of the risk of AI being adopted has been reduced with Microsoft investing AGAIN in OpenAI and Google just investing $300M in startup Anthropic.

Here’s what’s SO UNIQUE about VERSES.

VERSES spent the last 4 years building the platform, protocols, applications, and signing partnerships…they are now within ONE QUARTER of generating substantial revenue.

Please see our FULL REPORT On VERSES

VERSES is the BEST Low Price Artificial Intelligence Stock.
  • The Holy Grail of AI… Active Inference
  • The FIRST AI OS operating system
  • AI Software Development Kit
  • Intelligence as a Service (IaaS) Platform
  • Web 3.0 Protocols (IEEE Standard)
  • Spatial Domain registry
  • Spatial Browser


Bottom Line

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This service is published as an information service for highly speculative investors, and it includes opinions on buying, selling, and holding various stocks and other securities. VERSES Technologies is an extremely high-risk investment, and it is HIGHLY LIKELY you can LOSE YOUR ENTIRE INVESTMENT. Investors should consult with their financial advisor BEFORE making ANY investment.
Prospective investors should carefully consider and evaluate all risks and uncertainties involved in an investment in this Company, including risks related to the Company’s limited operating history, the Company’s need for additional funding, the Company’s ability to successfully implement its growth strategy, conflicts of interest, the uncertainty of the use of available funds, the Company’s failure to manage growth, and reliance on strategic partnerships.
The information provided is obtained from sources believed to be reliable but is not guaranteed for accuracy or completeness. Any persons who buy, sell, or hold securities should do so with caution and consult with a broker or investment adviser before doing so.
Any discussions and pages may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. A company’s results could differ materially from those in forward-looking statements or announcements.
All material is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities.
At various times, we may own, buy or sell the securities discussed for investment or trading purposes. We (publishers, owners, and agents) are not liable for any losses or damages, monetary or otherwise, that result from the content shared.
Scott Shaffer is compensated by VERSES Technologies Inc (the “Company”) for publicizing information about the Company and its products.
The payment was made through both (i) a $50,000 signing bonus from the Company and (ii) the payment of cash compensation in the amount of $7500.00 per month for a period of 6 months starting February 2023.
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