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Freelance Blog Writer VS Professional Blog Writing Service

Freelance blog writer, are they a GOOD INVESTMENT? We examine a freelance blog writer versus a professional blog writing service.

Freelance Blog Writer vs Professional Blog Writing Service

Published: May 23, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

Is A Freelance Blog Writer Better Than A Professional Blog Writing Service?

Is using a freelance blog writer a GOOD INVESTMENT? We examine the pros and cons of hiring a freelance blog writer versus working with a professional blog writing service.

Congratulations. You realize that having a blog on your website is probably one of the best investments a company can make.

Creating a search engine optimized blog post is the best way to get found in a Google search result.

Freelance Blog Writer PROS.

1. Cheap. You can hire a freelance blog writer that will generate a 1000-2000 word blog post for less than $50. There are lots of freelance sites (Fiverr, Upwork etc) that offer THOUSANDS of people that can do this.

Simply search for blog writer and you will find many that charge per the word or the time to finish (that should be a warning right there).

2. Fast. It is pretty easy to find a freelance blogger that will create a blog post in a matter of a couple of hours.

3. Contract work. You can hire them to produce one article or several. You don’t need to hire them as an employee.

4. Experiment. Most people rely on the star ratings to determine the best freelancer but this method is so cheap so you could hire several people to write an article about the same thing and choose the best.

Freelance Blog Writer CONS.

1. Quality. If a freelancer can generate a blog post in hours, the quality is guaranteed to be poor. A good blog writer will spend some time researching keywords before they start writing.

2. Outsource. There are MANY freelancers that will use a “front person” to sell their services and then outsource the work to a 3rd party service. They will hire a person that speaks fluent English to interact with the client to reassure their work but will use foreign services (much cheaper) to write the post.

3. Authentic. THIS IS A BIGGIE.  There are new software programs that use artificial intelligence to write articles.A 5000 word article could be generated in an hour. The problem with this is that Google will black list your website if they determine your blog post was written by a computer. This goes against their “no spam” policy.

One “cheap” blog post could cost your company big time.

4. Purpose. The purpose of blogging is to get content on the first page of Google search results. This requires someone that understands semantic search engine optimization. This is A LOT different than generic SEO. A great blog writer will be able to write in the way people speak. Often times freelance bloggers have no clue what this is… just ask them to explain it.

4. Structure. Most freelance bloggers just generate content without respect to how it should be formatted on a webpage. There is a certain format Google (and all search engines) use to understand what the content is about.

This video shows you 6 reasons you need a blog .

Professional blog writing services focus on SEO.

A professional blog writer will not only analyze keywords, search volume and competition, but be able to write using semantic search engine optimization.

Professional Blog Writing Service PROS.

1. Quality. A professional writer writes in a way that is easy to understand. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between an article with just keywords and an article that tells a story and infuses keywords in a way that makes it natural reading.

2. Original content. EVERY pro blogger knows that using artificial intelligence to write content can get a website black listed. Almost all good content writers will make it a point to highlight their content is 100% original. If they don’t, ask them.

3. Due diligence. A great blog writer will first ask what keywords you want to target and then review your website to determine what keywords you ALREADY rank for. They will make sure your website is set up so the blog post CAN get found in a search engine query.

4. Format. A professional blogger knows the exact format to write a blog post. They know where to place the keywords. They know what words to hyperlink in the article.

5. Tips and tricks. EVERY great content writer knows tips and tricks to get an article to rank higher with Google. A lot of times they WILL NOT share these with you because it is what separates them from a freelancer.

Professional Blog Writing CONS.

1. Cost. Yes, a professional blog writing service will charge more per article because it is an investment, not a cost. They know that one article can generate unlimited traffic to a website.

2. Time. One well written article can take several hours to research and write. It takes time to determine what keywords and key phrases have enough search volume without too much competition. Then it takes time to craft a blog post that includes them in a way that makes for engaging reading.

3. Service. Most blog writing services require a minimum number of blog posts. It is very rare to get one blog post on the first page of Google search results for a high ranking keyword. Typically a blog agency will write several articles using long tail keywords to increase those chances.


Tricks To Get Free Web Traffic ebook

A GREAT Blog Writer Should Do This.

Ask you what keywords or keyphrases you want to get found in Google searches.

Review your website to make sure Google can find you for those keywords.

Guarantee 100% original content.

Determine what keywords your website is ALREADY ranking for.

Give you a realistic time frame on when your content should start getting found in search results.

NEVER guarantee they can get your blog posts on 1st page of Google.

Know how to format the blog post so that it gets indexed into Google searches quickly.

Add meta data to all parts in the blog post.

Know how to give a blog post INSTANT credibility with Google.

Show you where the post(s) are ranking with Google so you can see improvement.

Here is how to hire a great blog writer.

If you want to know how to create continuous traffic to your site WITHOUT PAYING FOR ADS, contact a truly creative digital marketing agency.

The experts at Real Creative show you how to get higher Google ranking or get more visitors to your YouTube channel without spending money on ads.

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The experts at Real Creative show you how to get higher Google ranking or get more visitors to your YouTube channel without spending money on ads.

Bottom Line

These are 5 things you can do to get more traffic.  Our digital marketing agency believes that creative content is better than spending money on ads.

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