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Top 3 Ways To Get On Google First Page

Do you want your website to get listed on the FIRST PAGE of Google search results? Here are the TOP 3 WAYS to get on Google’s first page.

Top 3 Ways To Get On Google First Page

Published: Macrh 16, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

Top 3 Ways To Get On Google First Page

Do you want your website to get listed on the FIRST PAGE of Google search results? Here are the TOP 3 WAYS to get on Google’s first page.

Google Ads (Fast, Expensive, NO Organic Traffic)

Blogging (SLOW, Inexpensive, Organic Traffic)

First Page Search Engine Service (FAST, Inexpensive, Organic Traffic)

1. Pay Google For Top Search Results With Google Ads

This is the FASTEST option but the MOST EXPENSIVE way to get traffic to your website. This does NOT generate organic traffic though.

Once you stop paying Google to get your ad listed in search results, so does the traffic (and potential sales).

In addition to being fast, it is a great way to target people that are searching for a product or service like yours.

The best search engine can determine what the user is searching for and match the ad to ths search.

A couple MAJOR problems with online advertising.

How often do YOU click on the ad in Google search results ? Yup…VERY RARELY.

Your ad may get listed at the top of a search result, but it may not clicked because Google very clearly labels your website as an ad.

Many perceive an ad as a “biased” result. In other words, Google is listing it as the top result because it will get paid, NOT because it is the best result.

In addition, browsers are finding new ways to block ads. There are new browser extensions that can block the ads in search results.

Now we are going to show you how to get organic traffic.

This video shows how to get on the first page of Google search results FAST.

Tricks To Get Free Web Traffic ebook

How To Get On Google First Page For Free.

2. Create a blog on your website.

A blog is the cheapest option but it is the SLOWEST way to get organic traffic.

Every blog post allows you to explain problems your prospects are having and how your product or service solves it.

It is a FANTASTIC way to answer EVERY SEARCH query and get a lot of keywords and keyphrases on your site.

One blog post, if it optimized for search engines, can generate traffic to your site for years.

Think of each blog post as another link to your website and with keywords you want to get found for in search results. A blog is the BEST WAY to get free organic traffic.

Blogging is THE BEST form of online advertising.

Here are the problem with relying on blog posts for traffic.

TIME. It takes MONTHS and LOTS of blog posts to get ranked with Google.

Depending on the keywords you are targeting, it can take up to 6 months to start appearing on Google search results.

It make take up to 50 well written blog posts to get on the first page of Google for just one keyword.

Most companies give up after a couple months.

We strongly suggest hiring a professional blog writing service unless you’re sure you know how to write SEO content.

Here are 3 ways a blog will help you get found on Google.

The blog needs to be formatted correctly too.

There is unversal structure that needs to be followed so that when Google “crawls” your site, it can quickly understand how to store the page in its database.

Keeping an active blog is another form of SEO and probably the BEST INVESTMENT you can make as business.

Here we explain why search engine optimization is a good investment.

Next we share the best and fastest way to get search engines to list your site in search results.


Best Blog Writing Services

The BEST Way To Get On Google First Page Search Results.

3. Hire a first page search engine service. 

This is the BEST investment you can make for your company.

The cost is reasonable. It works FAST and will generate organic traffic to your site.

A first page search engine service will write a search engine optimized blog post. Simply tell them what keywords or keyphrases you want to get found for in searches.

They will write content that targets the keywords you want to get found for.

Your company’s site will appear in the search results as the best answer to a search query, and NOT as an ad.

MOST IMPORTANT: The blog post will get on a blog that ALREADY HAS HIGH GOOGLE RANK.

The Real Creative Agency is the BEST professional blog post writing services.

We also work with several highly ranked blogs so your blog post will get picked up in search results FAST.

Real Creative can also get a video on the first page of YouTube searches too.

Embedding a YouTube video in a blog post will increase your ability to get in search results for both Google and YouTube.

You may be noticing Google is now listing YouTube videos in Google searches.

If your YouTube channel lacks a large subscriber base, we can find a YouTube channel to work with. We work with large YouTube channels which will help your content get listed fast.

The ONLY problem with this method.

It doesn’t always work quickly with every keyword or keyphrase. Sometimes it won’t work at all.

There are certain keywords that are “owned” by big brands and are VERY difficult to get on the first page for.


Fast way to get found in search results.


One time payment.

Organic traffic for months or years.

Not to worry, a truly creative digital marketing agency will find ways to get continuous traffic to your site withuot paying for ads.

The experts at Real Creative show you how to get higher Google ranking or get more visitors to your YouTube channel without spending money on ads.

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The experts at Real Creative show you how to get higher Google ranking or get more visitors to your YouTube channel without spending money on ads.

Bottom Line

Our digital marketing agency believes that creative content is better than spending money on ads.

Daily helping our most valuable asset “YOU” since 2005.

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