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Real Creative Agency offers the best SEO Services Packages for the value. A Real Creative search engine optimization (SEO) package is the answer.

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Getting companies found on the Web since 2005.

*3 month minimum package to ensure organic traffic. Cancel anytime.

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YouTube Channel Management Company And Growth Experts

YouTube SEO Experts

YouTube Channel Optimization Includes:

  • We will optimize all 12 parts of your YouTube channel so that it is search engine friendly.
  • Unless your YouTube channel is optimized, your videos will have a hard time getting listed in searches or suggested by YouTube.
  • This takes roughly 1 day to complete.

Make My YouTube Channel Search Engine Friendly!
$99 (1 Time Fee)

YouTube Video

Optimization Includes:

  • Keyword Portfolio
  • Title (SEO)
  • Description (SEO)
  • Hashtags (SEO)
  • Keywords (targeted)
  • Thumbnail (attention getting)
  • Playlists
  • Cards
  • End Screen
  • Outro

YouTube Video

Monthly Subscription
(prices are recurring)

21+ videos contact us for custom quote. Contact Us if you want us to create videos for your channel or website.


How Quick Will We See Results?
A lot depends on your industry and the keywords we are going after. Typically most clients start to see organic traffic within 2 months.
What Types Of Content Do You Create?

Usually we create blog posts, but the posts are created in ways that get a search engine’s attention. We also create special pages for your website that turns your site into a reference tool. Depending on your industry, we also create white papers. We also create videos that are designed for ONE get your site traffic. EVERY client is different, but our approach is always the SAME. What content can we create that will get YOU the most amount of traffic in the quickest manner.

The PRO SEO Package is one where we sit down and find a way to make your site useful. It’s where we turn your site into not just a place for information, but a place where people actually visit to solve a problem. Yeah, that’s why we are called Real Creative.

Why Do We Need To Sign Up For 3 Months?
In spite of what some SEO agencies tell you, it takes more than 30 days to see any real traction from your content. It takes some time and content for search engines to understand what your content is about, and how it ranks with search results. This time also allows us to determine what keywords to focus and how your prospects are looking for you.
How Do You Determine What Content To Produce?
It starts with determining your keywords and keyphrases. What are the most common questions or ways people WOULD find your site? We work from there to give these people the answers to the questions they are asking with the most relevant content.
Is there A Difference Between SEO For Search Engines?
Oh my yes. Google is content, YouTube for videos and DuckDuckGo for privacy. How and what people search for are very different and we factor in all of this when deciding on what kind of content to create for you.
How Are You Different From Other SEO Agencies?
We’ve done it. ALL of the Real Creative Team have run startups, which means we had to learn SEO real quick to stay in business. Which also means we can tell you what DOESN’T work too. We’ve ALL been down the road you’re on, and will guide you to getting traffic in the quickest, cheapest possible manner.

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