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VERSES Announces NEXT GENERATION Artificial Intelligence Patent Application

VERSES AI announces TECHNICAL BREAKTHROUGH and a NEXT GENERATION Artificial Intelligence Patent Application.

VERSES Announces Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Patent Application

Published: May 24, 2023 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

VERSES Files Landmark Artificial Intelligence Patent Application

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VERSES’ HSML language and Active Inference could lead the way to Artificial Super Intelligence.

VERSES AI announced the filing of a patent application covering a milestone invention for automating the generation of intelligent software agents directly from data sets that can interact with both software and hardware systems, such as robots, drones, sensors, and actuators.

Today’s Generative AI and Large Language Models (“LLM”), such as OpenAI’s GPT, Google’s BARD and Meta’s LLAMA, excel at creating content based on patterns inferred from their training data.

However, their comprehension of underlying data remains rudimentary, mimicking rather than understanding, and they lack the ability to incorporate to new information post-training.

This can produce inaccurate, biased, and potentially harmful responses, which have resulted in calls for global AI regulation to ensure that AI can be aligned with human values and goals.

With the goal of developing human-centered intelligent agents, VERSES has employed a “neuromorphic” approach to its AI research and software development based on neuroscience research known as Active Inference which simulates the brain’s processes for learning and problem-solving.

Neuromorphic computing is a method of computing engineering in which elements of a computer are modeled after systems in the human brain and nervous system.

VERSES New Invention is for Intelligent Agents

VERSES AI Inc.’s new invention is designed to streamline and automate the creation of ‘intelligent agents’ or digital taskmasters.

The process begins by creating a structured representation of the world, known as an HSML graph, and transforming it into a blueprint for how the agent should behave.

HSML is a language that encodes data into a structure that is AI compatible.

This not only brings a new level of intelligence and adaptability to smart systems but we believe also represents a significant step forward in their scalability.

Building on this, the next phase of the process tunes the agent to perform within a specific context, such as operating in a drone or vehicle or as a personal assistant or managing a smart home, warehouse, or manufacturing facility.

By tailoring the agent to the particular context, task and hardware, the process seeks to create a seamless and effective operation.

These two aspects of VERSES’ new invention work together with the aim of creating a more advanced, adaptable, and effective AI system.


artificial intelligence operating system protocol hsml

Artificial Intelligence BETTER than ChatGPT

The result is expected to be a new class of Agents that have the capacity to evaluate and consider their responses prior to making them, and to assess the context of a scenario before determining an appropriate course of action.

In essence, to enable AI to be able to “think” before they speak or act and to constantly learn and update their understanding of users, and the domain they operate in.

This differs from ChatGPT and related models that are currently on the market, which cannot weigh decisions or update themselves in light of new information.

Here is a Better Alternative to ChatGPT

A New Generation of Adaptive Intelligent Agents

Until recently, the adaptive benefits of Active Inference agents were tempered by the fact that they relied on labor-intensive, hand-crafted methods to encode the generative ‘world’ model they use for reasoning and decision-making. 

This limitation restricted the widespread adoption of this approach to AI due to the scalability challenge it presented for real-world deployment.

With the recent breakthroughs at VERSES believe this limitation will be overcome, paving the way for the automated creation and adoption of a new generation of adaptive intelligent agents.

HSTP HSML IEEE Standard Public Imperative

HSML being developed into P2874 IEEE standard

After years of advanced research and development, VERSES, in a recent series of technical breakthroughs, has successfully overcome this limitation enabling the automated generation of Agents from small data sets.

The development of this technology was led by VERSES Chief Scientist, Professor Karl Friston and R&D and engineering teams who have developed a transformative method for automatically generating intelligent software agents directly from domain-specific data that utilize HSML (Hyperspace Modeling Language), an explicit knowledge modeling language currently being developed into the P2874 IEEE standard that enables the translation of any multimodal data set (text, image, audio, sensor data) into a generative “world” model upon which an Agent can reason and act on.

The invention not only establishes a foundation for the automated creation of VERSES intelligent agents but also lays the groundwork for “guidance systems” for other AI.

These systems are expected to contribute to safer and more efficient operation, better user alignment, predictive accuracy and the potential regulatory compliance of Large Language Models (LLMs) and other foundational models for text, audio, video, IoT devices, cameras, autonomous vehicles and robotics..

A standards based AI agent generation.

This patent application reflects the process of this standards-based AI agent generation and forms the basis for VERSES’ ongoing advancements in the AI space.

The technology is intended to be demonstrated in the Company’s upcoming version of KOSM OS, an operating system for generating and running agents in the cloud or on devices or robotics systems as well as in GIA, their general intelligent agent personal service, expected to be released later this year.

KOSM is the world’s first network operating system for distributed intelligence.

GIA  is the world’s first AI Powered Personal Assistant for Everyone.

The issuance of the patent is subject to receipt of approval from the USPTO.

Patent filing marks a pivotal moment in Artificial Intelligence.

“We believe our latest patent filing marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of AI,” said Gabriel René CEO of VERSES AI.

“By enabling AI systems to understand and interact with people and the world, we believe our technology has the potential for an era where intelligent, adaptable, and scalable autonomous systems are able to meet complex real-world challenges head-on.

The potential applications of this technology and its use in KOSM OS span across industries and regions seeking to leverage smarter and safer AI technology.”

Bottom Line

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This information is for educational purposes only, it is NOT investment advice. It is published as an information service for highly speculative investors, and it includes opinions on buying, selling, and holding various stocks and other securities. VERSES AI Inc is an extremely high-risk investment, and it is HIGHLY LIKELY you can LOSE YOUR ENTIRE INVESTMENT. Investors should consult with their financial advisor BEFORE making ANY investment.

Prospective investors should carefully consider and evaluate all risks and uncertainties involved in an investment in this Company, including risks related to the Company’s limited operating history, the Company’s need for additional funding, the Company’s ability to successfully implement its growth strategy, conflicts of interest, the uncertainty of the use of available funds, the Company’s failure to manage growth, and reliance on strategic partnerships.

The information provided is obtained from sources believed to be reliable but is not guaranteed for accuracy or completeness. Any persons who buy, sell, or hold securities should do so with caution and consult with a broker or investment adviser before doing so.

Any discussions and pages may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. A company’s results could differ materially from those in forward-looking statements or announcements.

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At various times, we may own, buy or sell the securities discussed for investment or trading purposes. We (publishers, owners, and agents) are not liable for any losses or damages, monetary or otherwise, that result from the content shared.

Scott Shaffer is compensated by VERSES AI Inc (the “Company”) for publicizing information about the Company and its products.

The payment was made through both (i) a $50,000 signing bonus from the Company and (ii) the payment of cash compensation in the amount of $10,000.00 per month for a period of 6 months starting April 2023.

As of May 24, 2023,  the Company had (i) issued $50,000 and (ii) paid an aggregate of $25,000.00  in cash compensation for such services by Scott Shaffer.  Additional cash payments may have accrued since then.

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