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The BEST SEO For YouTube

Search engine optimization (SEO) for YouTube starts before you upload the video. Here is the BEST method for YouTube SEO.

The BEST SEO For YouTube

Published: December 27, 2021 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

The BEST SEO For YouTube

The BEST search engine optimization (SEO) for YouTube takes place BEFORE you upload your video.

Many people make the mistake of uploading a video to YouTube and THEN trying to optimize it for search engines.

Any YouTube SEO Expert will tell you it doesn’t work that way.

YouTube, the 2nd largest search engine is owned by Google, the largest search engine.

Google is GREAT at understanding text, pretty good at recognizing images but still VERY POOR at deciphering what a video is about.

Video search engine optimization is basically telling YouTube what the video is about BEFORE you upload it.

Think about it a bit.

There are a TON of new videos being uploaded every minute. Which video do you think YouTube will suggest first?

The one that isn’t optimized or one that is?

This ONE TIP will improve your YouTube SEO immediately.

Here is How You Get Found On YouTube.

So you learn how to optimize your video for search before you upload it…but before you do that, you need to do this.

Is your YouTube CHANNEL optimized?

The BEST SEO for YouTube starts with having your channel optimized.

In order to stand out, you need to tell YouTube what your channel is about and what type of videos will be published. This is called YouTube Optimization

This video explains how you can tell if your channel is optimized or not.

This is how to do SEO for YouTube.

YouTube SEO is basically creating content for the questions people are asking a search engine.


Start Googling or searching on YouTube for how people would search for your product or service.

You should be able to find several dozen queries around your business.

Write each one of these searches down and create ONE PIECE of content for each one.

Title the video the EXACT same way the question was asked on Google or YouTube.

Example: A query may be “how to get more traffic to my YouTube channel”. Create a video or blog post and title it with same exact phrase.

The video should answer the question immediately. The description of the YouTube video should be written so it answers that question.

Help YouTube them that your video answers that question by stating it in the title and in the description of the video.

That is the BEST way to optimize your videos for search engines.

The BEST YouTube Channel Manager will do this automatcially for you.

Free YouTube Channel Analysis

This is how to rank YouTube videos FAST.

Ok you have all of the ideas for content and you are starting to create videos for each one.

This is ANOTHER TIP we use for YouTube SEO.

In the description of one video, ADD a link to another one (or several) of your videos around the same topic.

What you are doing is adding more keywords and keyphrases to THAT video..that will only help your SEO.

It’s a secret way to multiply the number of your YouTube video links.

Did you find these tips helpful?

If you want to know how to create continuous traffic to your YouTube channel WITHOUT PAYING FOR ADS, contact a truly creative digital marketing agency.

The experts at Real Creative show you how to get higher Google ranking or get more visitors to your YouTube channel without spending money on ads.

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The experts at Real Creative show you how to get higher Google ranking or get more visitors to your YouTube channel without spending money on ads.

Bottom Line

Our digital marketing agency believes that creative content is better than spending money on ads.

Daily helping our most valuable asset “YOU” since 2005.

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