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What Is YouTube Optimization?

When you optimize your channel and videos for YouTube, there is a better chance your videos will get found on the first page of YouTube.

What Is YouTube optimization

Published: August 25, 2021 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

What Is YouTube Optimization?

When you optimize your channel and videos for YouTube, there is a better chance your videos will get found on the first page of YouTube.

YouTube optimization is basically formatted your channel, video, title and description so that YouTube will understand what your video is about and list the video in an appropriate search query.

If you want your videos to get found on YouTube search results, there are several things you need to do. Many people make the mistake thinking that YouTube can understand what your video is about withotu you telling them. That is false.

First, you must make sure your YouTube Channel is optimized. You MUST make sure YouTube knows what your videos are about. This is where you can be broad how you label your channel. It is very much like the sections in the library. Usually the sections are very broad like Business, Cooking, Self help etc. If you don’t know how to do this, hire a video channel pro.

 Second, you need to know what keywords are used to find your video information. The more variations you can come up, the more likely your video will get found. Here is how to find the right YouTube keywords.

Third, use your keywords in the title of your video. Try ot make sure you use the keyword in the FIRST PART OF YOUR TITLE. Keep the number of characters in your title to less than 70. Anything longer than 70 characters will be truncated.

ALWAYS keep in mind that most of the time your videos will be searched for and watched on a mobile. Space is key.

This video explains what YouTube optimization is.


Your videos need to be optimized in order for them to get ranked.

Fourth, your description should explain what the video is about and why you need to watch it. The first 25 words are important and THEY MUST include the keywords you are trying to rank for.

This is your chance to include EVERY POSSIBLE way someone is trying to find your content. When you looked for keywords about your video, they included numerous ways people were searching for them on YouTube. Try to include as many as possible but make sure the language sounds normal. You don’t want YouTube to think you’re spamming.

Fifth, include hashtags that are relevant to the video. Use at least 3, but no more than 6.

What is YouTube Optimization

An optimized video helps YouTube for search results.

Sixth, use ALL of those keywords you found earlier. YouTube gives you 500 characters in this space, use as much as possible.

Finally, make sure you have a GREAT thumbnail. This is something you really need to spend some time on.

The video below explains why you ABSOLUTELY need a custom thumbnail.

7 Things Needed For YouTube Optimization.
  1. Your channel needs to be optimized.
  2. Determine keywords and keyphrases.
  3. Your title must include your keywords.
  4. Use your description to explain what the video is about.
  5. Include hashtags relevant to the video.
  6. Provide as many long tail keywords.
  7. Create a great thumbnail.
  8. Hire a YouTube SEO expert .

The experts at Real Creative show you how to get more visitors to your YouTube channel without spending money on ads.

Bottom Line

These are 5 things you can do to get more traffic.  Our digital marketing agency believes that creative content is better than spending money on ads.

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