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The BEST Backlink Building Service

Learn what a backlink is, why YOU NEED THEM, and if they’re LEGAL. Here is how to get follow links from the BEST backlink building service.

The Best Backlink Building Service

Published: March 28, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

The BEST Backlink Building Service

Learn what a backlink is, why YOU NEED THEM, and if they’re LEGAL. Here is how to get follow links from the BEST backlink building service.

Building as many “follow” links to your website is the goal of every search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

You will find everything you need to know about backlinks and how to create a link building strategy here. We will explain this concept with a VERY SIMPLE analogy.

Here are the highest searched questions about them.

  • What is a backlink?
  • Why do you need backlinks?
  • How do you build links?
  • Are backlinks legal?
  • Is it worth buying backlinks?
  • The BEST backlink building service.


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What Is A Backlink?

Neil Patel, the SEO expert, defines a backlink as a link from an external site to your website. If another site links to your site, you get a backlink.

Why would a site link to another? It’s usually for 2 reasons, either to elaborate about a topic, or to get paid to refer traffic.

We linked to Neil’s blog above so if you wanted to learn more about a backlink, you could find that info.

If we linked to a backlink building service, we would be doing this with the intent of referring traffic to get paid as an affiliate.

An easy way to understand the backlink process, think of product placements.

When you see Brad Pitt in an ad drinking a Coke. You know Coke paid him to promote the product.

Now if you saw Brad Pitt in an ad featuring a fast food chain in China, or a women’s product, you would immediately realize that he’s not really endorsing the product, he is just doing it for the money.

Now what if Brad Pitt was talking about a women’s product and how it has made his mom’s life better? What if he outlined the problem his mom, and other women have, and how that product solved that problem?

Is that a sponsored ad?

What if you saw a picture of him in the National Enquirer, drinking a hard to find product? More believable?

The SAME THING happens with backlinks. Is that website REALLY endorsing that product, or are they just getting paid?

There are 2 types of links: “no follow” and “follow.

A “no follow” link basically tells search engines NOT TO FOLLOW the outbound link. You do NOT want these.

A “follow” link is a true backlink (otherwise known as inbound link) that tells the search engine to FOLLOW the link. Follow links will help your site’s SEO.


Why You Need Backlinks.

Backlinks are like votes or followers and subscribers on social media. The more backlinks you have, the more credible your site is and the more likely Google is to suggest your website in a search result.

If several credible sites link to your website, Google will see this as validation for your site.

If Kim Kardashian linked to a product, her followers would immediately flock to it. 

Both social media and SEO have the same problem.

How can you tell if the link or like is real, or being done for money?

Google can tell the difference.


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How Do You Build Links?

There are 3 ways to build links and all have pros and cons.

  • Write a lot of GREAT content and hope other sites share it.
  • Ask sites to link to yours.
  • Buy them.

If you’ve ever written a blog you know how long it can take for just ONE of your blog posts to get found in a search result. This is a tedious process but if you write informative, entertaining and ORIGINAL content, you WILL eventually reap the rewards.

Most blog writers usually give up before their posts get listed in search engine results.

You can ask a site to link to yours but you must give them a reason to. What is in it for that site?

You may try offering to write an article for THEIR site and ask to include a link back to yours.

You could also hunt for broken links (REALLY time consuming) and ask the owner of the site to replace that dead link with your link.

You can BUY links.

You WILL get traffic to your site pretty quickly, but there are MANY RISKS.

Let’s say you buy links from a credible link building service.

All of a sudden you have several links to one of your blog posts or website WITHOUT that page being mentioned or highlighted anywhere else.

Just a heads up.

Google’s artificial intelligence is the BEST in the world.


Is Buying Backlinks Legal?

YES, but…… so is buying likes, comments, views, and subscribers on social media.

The public may not know that all of those views aren’t real but rest assured Google and YouTube know.

Did you ever see a YouTube channel with 100,000 subscribers, but only gets 100 views per video? It doesn’t make sense does it?

Do you think YouTube recommends that video in feeds?

The same thing happens with websites (although you can’t publicly see the traffic). 

Do you think Google can’t tell?

Getting YOUR website or blog posts on the first page of search engine results takes time.

Paying to get a higher Google rank by buying links IS legal, but NOT a good SEO strategy.

Tricks To Get Free Web Traffic ebook

Is It Worth It Buying Backlinks?

As we said earlier, buying backlinks will give you traffic and should improve your website’s ranking with Google.

If your site has A LOT of content and still hasn’t been picked up in searches, you should give it a try.

If your site is new and you are committed to create SEO content, we STRONGLY advise against it. (there is a much better way). 

Here’s the problem.

IF one of those links comes from a website KNOWN for being a “link farm” or from a country KNOWN for link farming, you can get blacklisted by search engines. All of your hard work building traffic to your site THROUGH search results, can evaporate overnight.

And…Google will never warn, or alert you, that your site is now on their “black list”. 

If you elect to buy links, we suggest the most credible agencies.

Here are the Top Link Building Services.



Stellar SEO

The Upper Ranks


The BEST Backlink Building Service.

What you’re ultimately looking for is to get found on the first page of a search result for a specific search phrase right? And FAST.

Your prospect is looking for YOUR product or service and you know the EXACT PHRASE they use, you want your site to be listed at the top.

That is what a first page search engine service does.

It doesn’t matter if you have a blog or not.

You don’t need a YouTube channel with a large number of subscribers either.

They will place an article or video that should be optimized for the targeted keyphrase on a high ranking blog or YouTube channel.

The article or video IS NOT an ad for your company, but a way to inform the public on how this problem can be solved.

When content can answer a search query in EVERY possible way it is being asked, this helps a search engine ..and that content is usually presented in search results.

Links in the article go to relevant pages on your site.

Here are the benefits of using a first page search engine service.

  • Targeted Content Content is focused on the specific keyphrase
  • SEO Experienced writers know what search engines looks for
  • FAST Usually on a major search engine in several days
  • Organic Traffic First page search results can lead to free traffic
  • Great Investment Pay for it one time and get traffic for months or years

The ONLY first page search engine service.

Real Creative Agency

 Rather than spend time building your blog, risk that a link farm will link to your site, or spend money on ads, this is the most efficient, time-consuming, and effective way to get YOUR SITE on the first page of a SPECIFIC search result.


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Bottom Line

Our digital marketing agency believes that creative content is better than spending money on ads.

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