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What Is The BEST C3 AI Stock Alternative?

Are you considering investing in C3 AI? VERSES AI offers a BETTER enterprise AI solution, which makes it the BEST C3 AI Stock alternative.

What Is the BEST C3 AI Stock Alternative

Published: March 27, 2023 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

Looking for an alternative to C3 AI Stock?

C3 AI stock has been among the best-performing AI stocks this year.

It has moved from $11 to almost $30 in just a couple of months.

C3 AI has a valuation of ALMOST $3B.

They offer a great enterprise AI analytics solution, but there is a company that trades at a TINY FRACTION of C3’s value and offers a much more advanced solution.

Let’s give you a summary first:

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a rapidly growing field in recent years, with machine learning (ML) algorithms leading the way in creating intelligent systems that can learn from data and make predictions.

While these ML models have achieved remarkable success in tasks such as image recognition and natural language processing, they have limitations when it comes to creating a truly intelligent system that can reason, plan, and adapt to new situations.

This is where intelligent agents (IAs), such as VERSES AI General Intelligence Agent (GIA), come in.


VERSES AI is a BETTER stock than C3 AI

GIA, is being designed to become the most advanced Intelligent Agent in the market to surpass industry expectations and to provide the ultimate solution for businesses that are looking for a faster, cheaper, and smarter way to manage their data.

Today, we will be comparing GIA to and why GIA is a better solution for every business.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

GIA is designed to adapt to new situations and learn from experiences, whereas has a rigid model that requires constant training on large datasets.

This flexibility makes GIA a better solution for businesses that need to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs. With GIA, businesses can make faster, more informed decisions based on real-time data.

General Problem-Solving Abilities:

GIA has superior problem-solving abilities compared to

Its knowledge model is designed to understand the underlying structure of the world and how different concepts and entities are related.

This allows GIA to solve a wide range of complex problems, including those that it has never encountered before., on the other hand, requires large amounts of data to solve problems, limiting its scope to specific use cases.

Natural Language Processing:

GIA is designed to understand and generate natural language, which is critical for communication and learning.

This feature allows GIA to communicate with users in a human-like manner, making it easy for businesses to interact with the system. has limited natural language processing capabilities, making it less intuitive and more difficult to use.

Reasoning and Planning:

GIA’s reasoning and planning capabilities are superior to’s.

Its knowledge model allows GIA to reason and plan, which allows it to make decisions and take actions based on its understanding of the world.

This feature enables businesses to automate tasks and make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.’s limited reasoning and planning capabilities make it less useful for complex decision-making processes.


GIA is designed to be self-aware, which means it is aware of its own existence and able to reflect on its own thoughts and actions.

This feature allows GIA to make informed decisions and take actions that align with the needs of the business. lacks this feature, making it less intelligent and less useful for complex decision-making processes.


GIA has superior creativity capabilities compared to

Its knowledge model allows it to generate novel ideas and solutions to problems, making it a valuable asset for businesses looking to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.’s limited creativity capabilities make it less useful for businesses looking to innovate.


VERSES General Agent GIA vs

VERSES AI is C3 AI’s Main Competitor


In summary, GIA is a better solution for every business compared to

GIA’s superior flexibility and adaptability, general problem-solving abilities, natural language processing, reasoning and planning, self-awareness, and creativity capabilities make it a smarter, faster, and cheaper solution for businesses looking to manage their data.

With GIA, businesses can make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently, automate tasks, and innovate faster than their competitors.

C3 AI trades with a valuation of almost $3B.

VERSES (VRSSF) offers a better enterprise AI solution and trades with a valuation of less than $100M.

VERSES AI is rapidly capturing investor attention.


Bottom Line

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