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The BEST And EASIEST Day Trading Program For Beginners

Are you new to day trading or not having much success? This is the BEST and EASIEST day trading program for beginners.

The Best And Easiest Stock Day Trading Program For Beginners

Published: May 30, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

The BEST & EASIEST Way To Day Trade Stocks

Less than 10% of day traders make money.

Do you know why?

2 main reasons. Amateur day traders enter their trades at the WRONG price and then they let their emotion control if and when to sell.

A 20 year Wall Street veteran is going to show you how to day trade like the professionals do.

Do you use one of the major trading platforms?

This indicator is already on it and it makes day trading EASY.

The pros (hedge funds/institutions) use this every day but 99% of retail traders don’t even know it exists.

It solves the hardest part of day trading… And you probably never even heard of it.

You don’t need to pay for a trading service, you can use it for FREE.

It is a incredibly powerful tool, so you will need to learn how to use it… but once you do…

You will learn how to determine the EXACT price when to buy or short ANY stock…in ANY kind of stock market.

You will also learn the EXACT price and time when to sell or cover.

Down to the minute.

This is the SAME ALGORITHM trading professionals use EVERY DAY.

This program takes ALL of the emotion out of trading. It takes the worry out of trading.

It tells you when you’re right, but most importantly it will tell you when you’re wrong in a trade.

ANYBODY can day trade successfully, without emotion, once they understand how it works.


This video shows you how YOU can be a GREAT Day Trader.

How To Make A Living Day Trading Stocks

The BEST indicator for day trading stocks.

Almost 80% of stock trading volume is done by computers and algorithms, not individuals.

The AVERAGE computer can process 150 to 200 MILLION operations per second. The computers you are trading against can process TRILLIONS per second.

You CANNOT “outsmart” a trading computer.

Powerful computers use algorithms to determine when to buy or sell a stock. An algorithm is simply a fancy word for software program.

Basically an algorithm is a “if, then” condition. If XYZ does this, then do that.

The computer AUTOMATICALLY takes the action based on that event, in a nanosecond.

See how this takes ALL of the emotion out of trading?

Well there is one algorithm that almost ALL of these trading computers rely on because it is NEVER WRONG.

You don’t trade against institutions, you are trading WITH THEM.

That’s what makes it the “holy grail of trading.

Most amatuer traders rely on volume, stochastics, or moving averages.

The data generated is ALL WRONG for day trading…because it is based on OLD info… what has already happened.

When you’re competing with trading computers, you need to act on what IS HAPPENING.

Volume plays the key role in trading…

What most amateur traders DON’T UNDERSTAND is that not all volume is the same.

Professionals trick amateurs into thinking a stock is starting to move by crossing blocks, giving the appearance of rapid buying. They are setting the trap for the amateur day trader.

Amateur trader enters the trade and the professionals unload into this buying.

Pros have NUMEROUS ways to trick amateur day traders.

But there is one indicator that can’t be manipulated… and it is why all of the pros rely on it.

This indicator prevents any trader from being tricked.

If  a stock does this, then do that. It is as easy as that.

It relies on the amount of volume, at a specific price and accounts for the amount of time it took place.

The algorithm determines abnormal volume participation, so you know the EXACT time and price when to enter or short a stock.

It is a VERY SOPHISTICATED piece of software code, and it makes day trading EASY because you can see when to buy a stock, and also when to sell.

Does it work all the time? NO, absolutely not.

But it is the MOST ACCURATE and RELIABLE indicator for intraday stock trading… PERIOD.

It is a tool for traders that want to capture 1 to 3% moves within minutes.

This indicator ONLY works for day trading, NOT investing.


The Best And Easiest Day Trading Program For Beginners

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The EASIEST way to day trade stocks for a living.

Most day traders come into the day with some kind of game plan.

They will list several stocks they have on their “watch list”, but what happens when the market starts? New stocks appear as much better candidates.

So right off the bat, the amateur is “winging it”… and then the emotions kick in.

The professional trader DOES NOT care what the company does, what they earn, or what analysts think. All they care about is what a stock is doing in relation to “the indicator“.

It is either “is the stock a buy” or, “at what price would it be a buy”?


They ONLY thing they need to see in a stock is volatility. Volatile stocks are make perfect trading candidates using this indicator.

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How To Be A Great Stock Day Trader

Why this strategy is the BEST for day trading.

This indicator highlights when and the exact price a stock is a potential buy.

It alerts the exact price when the stock is a potential sell… down to the minute.

It shows you when a trade is going against you.

It identifies potential 1 to 3% moves in a stock DURING THE DAY (not days).

It is a tool, and you need to learn how to use it.

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Everything you need to be a great stock day trader.

  1. How to set up the perfect chart.
  2. Use the SAME algorithm professionals use.
  3. Know when to buy or sell short ANY stock.
  4. Know when to sell or cover ANY stock.
  5. Use it in ANY type of market (bull or bear).
  6. Use it with ANY stock.
  7. Quiz included to make sure you practice before you start trading.

Learn how to be a great stock day trader in LESS THAN ONE HOUR.

The best and easiest stock trading program for beginners

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Bottom Line

Do you want to learn how the professionals trade?  This program will show you the EXACT INDICATOR used by institutional traders. It takes the emotion out of day trading and shows you how to be a GREAT stock day trader.

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