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How Long Does Search Engine Optimization SEO Take?

To get organic traffic from SEO typically takes between 3-6 MONTHS. What TYPE of content, how OFTEN and targeted KEYWORDS are the variables. .

How long does search engine optimization SEO take

Published: February 21, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

How Long Does Search Engine Optimization SEO Take?

To get organic traffic from SEO typically takes between 3-6 MONTHS. What TYPE of content, how OFTEN and targeted KEYWORDS are the variables.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of creating digital content so that a search engine will list it on the first page of a search engine result.

Digital content can be in the form of a blog post, a video, infographic, white paper or case study.

The goal for any website owner or YouTube channel owner is to get web traffic from search results. Getting traffic without paying for ads is called organic traffic, and it is the result of great SEO.

Be warned…SEO is a long term process.

Getting on the first page of Google search results is a marathon, not a SPRINT.

There are over 3 FACTORS that will determine how long before you see results.

1. Type of Content.

The most common digital content created is usually blog posts or videos.

The BEST type of content to create are blog posts, period. Each post gives you the chance to answer EVERY type of question your target audience is asking.

They act like additional pages on your website. They also increase your chances of Google included your website in a search (the ultimate goal).

Before you start blogging, make sure your blog is optimized for search. You need to make sure your blog is “search engine friendly“.

Once you do that, we suggest using the BEST artificial intelligence content creating service. This will save you a TON of time deciding what and how to create content. The money you spend on this service will be one of your best SEO investments.

The second best type of digital content is video. More people are searching on YouTube and watching that is why you MUST have a YouTube channel.

You don’t need to hire a videographer. If you have a decent camera phone you can make videos good enough for YouTube.

We think Camtasia is the best video editing tool out there. You can take a video and add graphics, background music and B-rolls etc so that it looked you hired a professional.

You need to have a content creating strategy though.

Each video needs to be made for a SPECIFIC SEARCH. The title of the video needs to match that search. The description of the video should also state what the video is about. This is YouTube SEO.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, hire the BEST YouTube Channel manager.

TIP: Create a video for YouTube that has the same title of a blog post. Embed that video in the blog post to INCREASE your SEO ranking. The title of the video and blog post MUST match.

2. How Often You Create Content.

A great strategy for SEO is to publish frequently and with a schedule.

Typically we will post AT LEAST one blog post and video per week.

DO NOT post a bunch of blog posts and videos at once and then stop.

This is probably the biggest mistake most people make when attempting SEO.

Google and YouTube need to see consistencyto determine your SEO ranking.

YouTube needs to see how viewers react to a video you post. If you post a bunch at once, the YouTube algorithm cannot determine which video they should suggest to other viewers.

The KEY POINT: Post on the same day, even if it is just once a week.

3. What Keywords or Keyphrases You Target

Search engine optimization starts with identifying what your target audience is searching for. You can do this by simply typing in Google searches around your product or service.

You need to know EVERY possible combination that a search is asked.

We strongly suggest trying to get found for LONG TAIL KEYWORDS FIRST.

A long tail keyword is more like a phrase. Instead of best yoga leggings, you should try to get ranked for best yoga leggings for pregnant women. When add you add that additional qualifier you reduce the number of possible searches but you INCREASE the chance of getting found.

Once you start getting ranked for those long tail keywords, Google will then start to include your site for other searches around yoga leggings.

We recommend Semrush for keyword research and online ranking.

TIP: Search for keywords and keyphrases that have HIGH search and low competition.

You would rather be on the first page of a lower searched keyword than on the 50th page of higher searched one.

Here is how to find YouTube keywords.

This video shows you how we can get YOUR SITE on the first page of search results.


Why Does SEO Take So Long To Work?

There are 1.1 billion websites, 37 million YouTube channels and almost 6 BILLION searches a day on Google.

There is A LOT of competition and it is only getting tougher.

Google’s NUMBER ONE goal is to give you the most accurate info based on your search AND your preferences.

They need to make sure the results they list MATCH what you’re looking for AS well as what others found of value.

That takes time.

When you look at the first page of any search results, those companies have been vetted by Google and other visitors as being the best answer.

To get on the first page of a search result, you need to replace one of the current listings.

Unless you’re a major player like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Roundtable or Neil Patel , you need to do something different.

You need real creative marketing.

We have been using creative thinking to help companies get found on the Web since 2005.

Our agency was highlighted in the Wall Street Journal for sharing a way to get free ads on Google.

We can help your company get more traffic without spending money on ads.


Free YouTube Channel Analysis

Is SEO Worth The Time Or Money?

In other words, is paying a SEO agency to get your content on the first page of search results a good investment?

You just answered your own question, didn’t you?

Many companies don’t have the patience to stick out a good SEO plan. It is hard work creating content and see it get listed on the 10th page of a Google search result. What’s worse is if it never makes on Google searches at all.

This is PERFECTLY NORMAL when you start.

We can tell you the companies that devote 6 months to a plan to get organic traffic using SEO, NEVER QUESTION the investment they made.

In fact, after seeing the steady traffic to their website they usually ask to INCREASE their budget for SEO.

 So yes, SEO is a great investment.

Paying for online ads will give you traffic and sales but try to educate our client that the goal is to get traffic without paying for it. The content you create today will bear fruit (continuous traffic) later.

At Real Creative, our goal is to make sure your traffic is continuous and always growing.

If you want to find out how to create continuous traffic to your site WITHOUT PAYING FOR ADS, contact a truly creative digital marketing agency.


6 Ways To Speed Up SEO.
  1. Ask Google to recrawl your URLs.
  2. Get your YouTube channel optimized FIRST.
  3. Make sure your keywords are in titles of posts and videos.
  4. Embed YouTube video in blog posts.
  5. Add your website link to EVERY social media profile.
  6. Answer questions on Quora and link back to specific blog posts.

If you want to have your website or YouTube channel get found FAST, contact the ONLY digital marketing agency that combines SEO expertise AND creativity.

The Real Creative Agency shows you how to get higher Google ranking or get more visitors to your YouTube channel without spending money on ads.

Bottom Line

Our digital marketing agency believes that creative content is better than spending money on ads.

Daily helping our most valuable asset “YOU” since 2005.

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