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3 FREE Ways To Get MORE YouTube Traffic

Here are 3 EASY ways to get more traffic to your YouTube channel and videos. These are SIMPLE YouTube tricks you can do.s.

3 Easy Ways To get More YouTube traffic

Published: January 31, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

3 FREE Ways To Get MORE YouTube Traffic.

Are you frustrated because your YouTube videos aren’t getting more views?

Wondering how others are getting thousands of views but your channel seems to be hidden from YouTube searches?

Here are 3 EASY ways to get more traffic to your YouTube channel and videos. These are SIMPLE YouTube tricks you can do.

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There are over 37 MILLION YouTube channels. So if you aren’t optimizing your content so that a search engine can understand what your video is about…you’re toast.

FIRST: The title of your video must accurately explain what your video is about.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, has powerful computing technology but it cannot completely understand what your video is about.

What is your video about? It is informational or entertaining?

If your video is educational, the title should be in the SAME context as someone asking YouTube for information.

In the case of this video, the title is “3 free ways to get more youtube traffic“.

This is a title that can answer numerous questions about growing a YouTube channel.

TIP: Make sure you use your keyword in the title. IN our case the keyword, or phrase is “get more YouTube traffic”

If your video is entertaining, make sure you explain what the video shows.

Example for an entertaining video: Two Labrador Retriever Dogs Chasing A Rabbit.

The title is the first thing YouTube references in what your video is about. Make sure you explain VERY EASILY what it is about.

WARNING: If you don’t create a descriptive title, or worse no title at all, your video will never get found or suggested by YouTube.

Take a look at the titles of your videos. Would ANYONE be able to tell what the video is about without even looking at the thumbnail?

This video explains how the YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) algorithm works.

These are PROVEN ways to get more views on YouTube.

SECOND. The video’s description is the BEST way to summarize the entire video.

Here is your chance to tell the YouTube search algorithm what the video is about, who it is for and why the video is important.

You’ve heard of SEO, or search engine optimization for websites but there is also SEO for YouTube, or YouTube optimization.

YouTube optimization is simply writing up an accurate summary of what your video is about.

We use the 3 part rule for every description.

1. what the video is about

2. who the video is for

3. why the video is important

If you explain all three of those in the description, you will make it MUCH EASIER for YouTube to suggest videos for related queries.

WARNING: DO NOT leave the description blank or just post a link to your website.

Here’s why. First you’re not telling YouTube what the video is about, which doesn’t help them at all.

Second, you’re recommending people LEAVE YouTube and visit your site.

If you were YouTube would you motivated to suggest this video?

Not a chance.

TIP: In the description, see if you can suggest another YouTube video of yours or something similar.

See what YOU did? You are helping YouTube understand what the video is about…AND you’re keeping people on YouTube.


Free YouTube Channel Analysis

These are FREE ways to get more views on YouTube.

Third. Create a custom thumbnail.

The video’s thumbnail is the most important part of getting more views. People are scanning the IMAGE of the video and then looking at the title.

THAT is why your thumbnail needs to really stand out.

Here is how to make a great YouTube thumbnail.

The thumbnail needs to do two things.

First, it needs to catch the person’s eye when scanning. The thumbnail cannot be too busy. It needs to explain what the video is about in pictures.

Second, it needs to get the user to click on it through curiosity. The best way to do that is by using a person’s face with an expression on it and adding text that asks a question.

The facial expression should make you wonder why they are frowning, smiling, growling etc. The text in the form of a question will trigger the subconscious mind to answer it…

The subconscious mind loves to find patterns and a question will improve the chances the video gets clicked.

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