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Learn How To Make Money Copywriting

Learn how to make money copywriting from one of the BEST copywriters. Here’s the BEST way to EARN while you LEARN to be a great copywriter.

Learn How To Make Money Copywriting

Published: April 12, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

The BEST Way To Make Money Copywriting

Copywriting is a skill that is in GREAT DEMAND. Great copywriters can easily earn 6 figures and work remotely. No certification is required but getting high paying jobs is a very time consuming process.

We are going to show you how to get:

  • LIVE copywriter training from one of the best copywriters
  • GET PAID while you learn how to write great copy
  • Companies to CONTACT YOU for copywriting jobs

One of the best direct response copywriters is now offering a way to earn while you learn copywriting.

This article will explain.


  1. How do copywriters get paid?
  2. What is the BEST copywriting course?
  3. How to get paid while you learn copywriting.

How do copywriters get paid?

There are 3 ways a copywriter can get paid.

1. Freelancing (hardest and lowest pay) This involves soliciting your services on one of the top freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.

This a is a VERY timing consuming process and you’re competing with thousands of people ALL of the world that will work for $5 an hour.

This is a great way to get start started in your career, but you will find it challenging to get consistent jobs and rewarding pay.

You ONLY get paid for the gig.

2. Copywriter employee (need to prove your experience but pay is better)

You send your resume to companies looking to hire copywriters. If you have limited writing experience a company may hire you and train you. If you have no copywriting experience, this will be a tough road to find work.

If you are an experienced copywriter, the pay is still usually a set standard for each industry (financial, medical etc).

While the pay is consistent because you’re an employee, the upside is usually limited to a bonus.

3. Hire a certified copywriting mentor (job experience, training and endless income)

HUH, hire someone to get a job?

Trust us, this is the BEST WAY to break into copywriting.

Companies that publish A LOT don’t have time to see if someone can write good copy, so they stick with the writers they KNOW are qualified.

These writers never want to turn down business but can’t handle the demand so what do they do?

They train new copywriters using THEIR techniques. They will usually let their students write copy for incoming work. When they see work that meets their standard they will offer to the client.

This is why it’s the best way to get into copywriting.

You’re being trained by one of the best. They will give immediate feedback on projects which improves your writing. If you win one of these gigs, you get paid AND more importantly…get introduced to the client.

This is a great way to get your work and name in front of big companies.

Here is the BEST PART.

Once you land a new gig with one of these companies you usually get paid for the copy AND A ROYALTY!

You get paid (usually 3%) of what revenue that copy generates.

So if your company generates $250,00 from one article (not uncommon), that would be an ADDITIONAL $7500 in your pocket.

If they choose to run that copy again…well, you get the picture.

It will be almost impossible to get royalty paying deal UNLESS you are working with a big company. This is the way to get in that door…

Now do you see why you should “pay” to get paid as a copywriter?

Tricks To Get Free Web Traffic ebook

What is the BEST copywriting course?

There are hundreds of copywriting courses, both books and videos. You can find them online for prices as low as $29 on Udemy.

All of them will tell you how to write great copy. That’s easy.

They will probably teach you the most common marketing methods like A.I.D.A., E.S.P. or K.I.S.S. but what do you really want to learn?


A copywriting course is great if it not only teaches you the tips and tricks of writing copy that gets the reader’s attention but also helps you find work.

Look for a copywriting course that provides live training, enables a way to get paid while you learn AND can make introductions to companies.

The provider of the course MUST HAVE generated millions in revenue from THEIR WORK.

This is one of the VERY FEW times when a “player” can train you better than a “coach”.

You want a copywriter that HAS BEEN paid by SIZABLE companies for their work.

TIP: If the course’s marketing doesn’t mention how to earn royalties from your work, it isn’t for you.

The owner of a great course will ALWAYS:

  • SHOW YOU their published work
  • MENTION companies they worked with
  • TELL YOU how (or who) they were trained
  • HOW TO/HELP you find jobs


How to get paid while you learn copywriting.

As we mentioned above, we STRONGLY SUGGEST paying for a copywriting course that offers live training.

This is the BEST way to make money copywriting.

There’s only one copywriting course that we know of that offers all of this:

  • HOURS of copywriting training from a 3X Award Direct Response Copywriter
  • 2 hour LIVE training session each week
  • REAL TIME feedback on your work
  • The chance to get paid while you learn
  • Getting your work seen by multinational companies
  • Introduction to large paying clients

Which would you rather say to prospective client?

I learned how to write copy from an online course


I was trained by one of the best copywriters that has generated millions of dollars in revenue from her copy. She personally reviewed my copy and presented it to multinational companies“.

You can now be trained by one of the best.

Are you ready to learn how to make money copywriting?


Bottom Line

The Real Creative Agency can help your website, blog or YouTube channel get found in more search results quickly.  Our digital marketing agency believes that creative content is better than spending money on ads.

Daily helping our most valuable asset “YOU” since 2005.

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