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How To Source Candidates Quickly

It doesn’t matter what industry or hiring climate. Here is how your company can source candidates quickly.

How To Source Candidates Quickly

Published: August 31, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

The FASTEST way to source candidates.

So your company wants to find and hire qualified people. You need a great sourcing strategy, and it needs to be done FAST.

Sourcing is how a recruiter searches for possible hires to fill an existing or future job opening.

There are 3 job sourcing options.

1. Online job boards like LinkedIn Recruiter or Indeed. You post a position on one of the boards and receive resumes from interested applicants.

Here is the best LinkedIn Recruiter alternative.

2. Head hunter agencies that will search for your specific candidate and make introductions for you.

3. Shortlist by Recruit Rockstar acts like a headhunter by targeting specific individuals but works MUCH FASTER than a headhunter agency.

You can probably already guess which is the fastest way to source candidates, but we will show you why it’s also the BEST WAY to source candidates too.

The BEST way to source candidates.

You don’t want them!

The resumes you get when you post your job position will lead to hundreds, if not thousands, of people just clicking “apply” and praying you respond.

Is that the type of employee you want?… of course not.

You want the person that already has a job because they are choosy about making the switch.

These people are called passive candidates, the ONLY group of people you should be sourcing.

But how do you find these people if they are not applying on job boards?

You need a recruitment company that specializes in targeted employee sourcing.

This is the best candidate sourcing strategy for small businesses.

What many people are starting to realize is that if your channel isn’t optimized, the chances of your videos getting found decrease each day as more channel and vides are getting created.

How To Source Candidates Quickly

Recruit candidates faster with Shortlist.

The NEW ALTERNATIVE to job boards and head hunter agencies is Shortlist from Recruit Rockstars.

It works fast because it TARGETS passive candidates that meet specific criteria.

When you post a position on a job board, you can be inundated with resumes of unqualified applications. 

Hiring a head hunter agency is EXPENSIVE and can take months to get just ONE qualified candidate.

With Shortlist, you state the qualifications you want in this new employee.

They look for candidates that meet these specs and show you 2 possible candidates.

Once you agree on what type of person you’re looking for, they follow up with 10 FINALIST candidates in 10 Days.

No resumes to review or months to wait.

VC backed startups can’t afford to waste time higher new employees so they turn to the Shortlist for their hires.

Is your company ready to source candidates quickly?


6 Candidate Sourcing Tips.
  1. Create a detailed scorecard of the hire.
  2. List qualities the candidate MUST possess.
  3. Offer an employee referral program.
  4. Create attractive job postings.
  5. Respond to inquiries within 24 hours.
  6. Keep candidates engaged
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