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BEST LinkedIn Recruiter Alternative

The BEST job recruiting alternative to the LinkedIn recruiter isn’t a job board or a headhunter but a NEW WAY to target passive candidates.

Best LinkedIn Recruiter Alternative

Published: August 25, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

Best LinkedIn Recruiter Alternative

Many companies use LinkedIn Recruiter for job recruiting, but there is a MUCH CHEAPER and FASTER way to find high-quality candidates.

The easiest way to get a job description seen by professionals is to post it on the largest professional social network, LinkedIn.

Linkedin Recruiter is LinkedIn’s job recruiting platform.

It is an all-encompassing hiring platform for talent professionals that helps find, connect with, and manage the people you want to be on your team.

Professionals looking for a job WILL see your job listing, but it has a few MAJOR DRAWBACKS.

First, these people are looking for ANY job, not necessarily YOUR job. Wouldn’t you rather have a person that is interested in YOUR job/

Second. job seekers on LinkedIn (and many online job boards) can apply to HUNDREDS of job opportunities by simply clicking “Apply.”

That means your Human Resources department will SPEND HOURS reviewing resumes that are probably not qualified for the position.

Your goal is to reach passive candidates who are ALREADY QUALIFIED and see if they have an interest in your new position.

YOU choose who you think would be a great fit.

That is done through targeted employee recruiting.

Shortlist by Recruit Rockstars reaches passive candidates who meet your specs and determines if they’re interested in interviewing with you.

It is the NEW ALTERNATIVE to online job boards and Headhunter agencies.

Learn more about Shortlist in this video.

Is the LinkedIn job platform worth the money?

An annual subscription to LinkedIn Recruiter is $8,999, and a monthly plan costs $899.

Yes, this is cheaper than hiring a Headhunter but let’s look at all the costs involved.

Keep in mind this is just the cost to FIND potential candidates.

That figure doesn’t include the COUNTLESS hours your Human Resources team will spend reviewing resumes BEFORE you entertain the first interview.

How much do you pay your staff to review candidates?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a professional sourcing service qualify candidates BEFORE introducing them to you?

That avoids the costs of YOUR COMPANY needing to review EVERY person that applies.


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Shortlist Best Job Recruiting Service

How do I recruit without LinkedIn?

You should recruit using LinkedIn, but you shouldn’t use LinkedIn Recruiter.

No, I’m not talking about sending those annoying messages asking to connect to a prospect.

You can find about every qualification you’re looking for in a LinkedIn profile.

Let’s say they’re a person who meets EVERY qualification you’re looking for, but they’re currently employed.

Wouldn’t you like to let this person know about this position POLITELY?

Numerous VC and PE-backed growth companies rely on Shortlist by Recruit Rockstars as the best job recruiting alternative to LinkedIn.


Which platform is best for recruiting high quality candidates?

The top online job board platforms are LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Career Builder, GlassDoor, and Simply Hired.

However, they ALL have the SAME PROBLEM.

You’re getting low-hanging active job seekers, and you must review endless resumes to find quality candidates.

Passive job seekers are the crown jewel of talent recruitment.

These people are interested in YOUR JOB, not just A JOB.


Shortlist is BETTER than LinkedIn Recruiter.

Shortlist by Recruit Rockstars is the BEST way to find qualified candidates without spending time reviewing resumes OR hiring an expensive Headhunter.

How Shortlist finds PASSIVE FINALIST candidates.

  1. Describe your perfect candidate
  2. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive 3 benchmark profiles
  3. Once you approve, they track down the 100 best passive candidates
  4. They tell them about your position
  5. They introduce 10 interested & qualified candidates to you in 10 days

Get 10 FINALIST Candidates in 10 Days HERE.

No credit card is required. 50% OFF your first shortlist.

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Bottom Line

Our digital marketing agency believes that creative content is better than spending money on ads.

Daily helping our most valuable asset “YOU” since 2005.

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