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VERSES AI Artificial Intelligence Stock With BIGGEST POTENTIAL

Adding ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to ANY DEVICE or DATA could make VERSES AI the artificial intelligence stock with the BIGGEST POTENTIAL.

VERSES AI Artificial Intelligence Stock With Biggest Potential

Published: April 30, 2023 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

The A.I. Stock with the most potential is VERSES AI

ChatGPT and DALL-E are great artificial intelligence applications, but it is the ability to add artificial intelligence to ANY DEVICE or DATA that could make VERSES AI the artificial intelligence stock with the BIGGEST POTENTIAL.

Yes, VERSES AI is a penny stock right now, and almost EVERY penny stock is complete garbage.

But occasionally, you find one that trades at a fraction of its market potential.  And in this case, perhaps more importantly,  before Wall Street has discovered it OR even understands it!

These kinds of discoveries can be wealth-changing, not to mention life-changing for early investors.  Kind of like Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) or Enphase Energy (ENPH), to mention just a couple.

Now, suspend your disbelief for a few minutes and see how you can invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) like a Venture Capitalist (VC). 

Let’s investigate.


Artificial Intelligence and the Spatial Web are Converging.

Artificial intelligence and the Spatial Web, Spatial Internet or Web 3.0, are converging. They will produce an Internet that is 1,000 X’s larger than the current one.

AI has been DOUBLING every three months since 2012.

It’s certainly not a stretch, at this point, to think that the advances in AI will exceed the infamous Moore’s Law (the number of transistors in a chip doubles every two years).

Both the amount of investment and productivity gains will be mind-boggling when adding cognitive computing to any device or data.

With that in mind, EVERY object and location will be connected to the Internet and monitored in real time…(VERSES AI can also make that possible.)

Not only that, but EVERY computing device will have the ability to be embedded with artificial intelligence.

Simply put, These 2 waves should create the most powerful and wealth-changing effect in our lifetime.

Please read that sentence again…

CNBC outlined what the future of AI would look like in factories.

Folks, let’s emphasize here, that ain’t the future.  It exists today!

In fact, VERSES AI did a pilot for this a couple of years ago with NRI and landed the company’s first contract with their WAYFINDER solution.


VERSES AI WAYFINDER Spatial Artificial Intelligence Pilot

The Artificial Intelligence Secret Silicon Valley VCs Won’t Share.

Almost everyone in Silicon Valley knows this secret, and it’s one of the ways top VCs know where to look for their next big investment.

Follow this very important timeline:


Silicon Valley VC Artificial Intelligence Secret

In 1977, Apple launched the Apple II (used BASIC), Apple DOS followed.

Then, in 1992 the World Wide Web (protocols HTTP and HTML) launched, which triggered the Internet boom.

In 2007, Steve Jobs walked onto the stage and showed off the first smartphone, which ran on iOS (the first mobile computing operating system).

In the same fashion as taking part in the Microsoft IPO, investing in Apple when Steve made that announcement would have provided 16,000% to savvy investors.  Incidentally, Microsoft made a $199M investment into Apple before they launched the iPhone (which turned out to be one of their best investments ever).

Fast forward to Jan 2023, and Microsoft added $10B to their investment in OpenAI and the FIRST major AI application.

KEY POINT: Microsoft invested $1B in OpenAI BEFORE they had a working prototype. They invested another $10B, giving it a $28B valuation when they were generating ONLY $3M in revenue…. or over 9,000 X’s sales!!

OpenAI’s plan is to create AI services…

In addition, do you see the pattern?

As previously stated, following this critical timeline for VCs, approximately every 15 years, the computing stack changes with a new operating system.

In a nutshell, Artificial Intelligence is the new program or application for this computing stack.

VCs try to invest in companies closest to the infrastructure FIRST (chips, OS, and storage). Then they invest in the applications for the OS.

But here’s the kicker.

VERSES AI KOSMOS is the ONLY AI operating system that uses adaptive artificial intelligence.


Best Way To Invest In Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the New “Electricity.”

Artificial Intelligence is a new form of computing power.

Please ignore the naysayers and talking heads on TV about AI destroying society. With every new technology, doom and gloomers will see the limitations and not the possibilities… (people would get killed driving cars, electrocuted, car crashes, cyber theft, etc…, are but a few examples).

Yes, there will be some hiccups at first, but AI may be the most transformational technology in our lifetime… and make no mistake, A.I. is DEFINITELY coming.

Today, you’re able to plug any appliance into any outlet without getting electrocuted because of the organization IEEE. 

They created the standard for electrical devices but coupled with that critical development, they are ALSO in the process of setting the standards for AI (we will discuss this in a bit).

Artificial Intelligence is like electricity in that it will improve just about anything.

For example, a saw or drill were great tools, but they became even better when they were electrified.  Likewise, electricity made the invention of the fan and air conditioning possible.

In that same vein, AI will make “tools’ even better as well, AND allow for the invention of new “tools.”

There is no “killer app” for electricity, it just improves everything.

By the same token, think of anything that has a chip as a “tool.” 

Things like a drone, cars, robots, surveillance cameras, MRI, solar panels, and yes, even a mobile phone or PC. 100 Billion “tools” are projected by 2025 by some estimates.

That’s the Market AI Addresses for Devices… MASSIVE!

Not only that but AI will also be used to extract intelligence from data too.

AI can detect numerous patterns that we humans just can’t see… tell us what the data really indicates so that we can make better decisions and then make predictions.

In the case of VERSES AI, they’re in a position to not ONLY be the “power plant” delivering adaptive artificial intelligence to the world’s tools and data but also offer next-generation AI “tools” AND offer the ability for anyone to create “tools” for any device or data.

What’s the first bill companies and most consumers pay each month?  The power bill.

Enterprises cannot afford to be “left in the dark” when it comes to AI.

In fact, tech giants are pouring money into A.I. as they cut costs elsewhere.

VERSES AI offers “three bites of the apple”… we’ll get to that in a bit as well.


ChatGPT is Prius… VERSES AI is Tesla

Now, circling back to that operating system thing.

The gasoline-powered engine is considered the “operating system” for cars.

When Toyota announced the very first hybrid car, one that combined an electric battery and combustible engine, it kind of became a new operating system.  Kind of, BUT not completely!

However, when Tesla announced they had a battery that could give a car 200 miles on one charge, THAT was truly a new operating system.

Not coincidentally, Tesla investors have enjoyed an 11,000% return since the IPO, while Toyota investors have only seen a 200% return.

In the same fashion, today you’re seeing “hybrid” AI solutions like ChatGPT/generative AI fill the Toyota role when it’s really VERSES AI that has proven to provide “200 miles on one charge” for AI

We believe the Tesla-like returns could potentially follow suit here for VERSES AI too.


VERSES AI’s KOSM is the Holy Grail of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is simply the simulation of human intelligence processes by computers. In other words, a computing device tries to mimic how the human brain responds to stimuli.

So, it would make sense that if we could understand how the brain processes information and reacts, that would be the ideal AI right?

To that end, Dr. Karl Friston, who is considered the genius neuroscientist who may hold the key to true AI, has done exactly that.

The h-index is defined as the highest number of publications of a scientist that received h or more citations each, while the other publications have not more than h citations each.

An h-index of 20 is good, 40 is outstanding, and 60 is truly exceptional.

Stephen Hawking had an h-index of 62.

Dr. Karl Friston, who is VERSES AI’s Chief Scientist, has an incredible h-index of 263.


Karl Friston Free Energy Principle Active Inference

VERSE AI calls it Active Inference. 

Dr. Friston DISCOVERED the underlying mathematics of how the brain learns and the science of intelligence.

Moreover, fMRI is the real-time activity of the brain.  The human brain performs millions of “if-then” statements all day.  Dr. Friston and his team reverse-engineered how the brain makes these decisions and created compute code surrounding it.

Uniquely, here’s how VERSES AI is changing the landscape.

The major players are trying to develop next-generation AI using LARGE DATA.

Comparatively, State of Art Machine Learning Models must ingest loads of data up front in order to predict the next word or pixel.

On the other hand, active inference doesn’t require large amounts of data up front (think human infants) and instead is predicated on continuously updating a model of beliefs about how the world works (based on interacting with it) with the goal of improving its predictive accuracy / reducing uncertainty.

Whereas current ML is based on correlation, Active Inference seeks to understand causation. 

To the degree that active inference agents can adapt to uncertain and changing situations/conditions, it can be thought of as generalized intelligence… or the “Holy Grail of AI”! 

Just licensing this could give the company a trillion-dollar valuation.

Whereas everyone else is building platforms,  VERSES AI is building a distributed network of knowledge on which intelligent agents act and become smarter.

ChatGPT, midjourney, DALL-E-2, etc… may have gone viral, but they aren’t networks… they CAN’T work together. These are APPLICATIONS… remember that!

This is BETTER than ChatGPT generative intelligence.

Touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste are the 5 human senses.

Just like the human brain needs ALL 5 senses to truly understand its environment and make decisions, general AI needs to understand its environment too.

As an example, some applications will ask permission for your camera, microphone, or contacts to use the application. It needs access to a sensor or data to perform.

Correspondingly, with general AI, the agent interacts with the network and sensors in the physical world.

KOSM is the ONLY Artificial Intelligence Operating System.

Everyone has heard of ChatGPT. It is an AI APPLICATION or simply a chatbot that uses AI.

Some more of its significant limitations, to name just a few, are as follows: 

It can’t tell you the price of gas, who won the Superbowl last year, or anything that happened after 2021.  It can only create new content from the historical data from before September 2021.

Now, when factoring those notable limitations into the equation, this one application is expected to grow from $35K in revenue in 2022 to $200M in 2023 and $1B in 2023.

This revenue progression alone should show you how fast the artificial intelligence space is growing.  Not to mention, with an inferior AI solution!

Remember, we told readers earlier, VCs invest in the infrastructure FIRST in a new wave… chips, storage, and OS?

Uber, Waze, Tinder, DoorDash, etc…, VCs made a ton of money investing in these applications for the last computing wave.  Joe Public couldn’t have invested in them BEFORE THEY went public.

Public access to potential VC 1,000 X gains is almost NEVER available!

But, if you could have invested in the company with the operating system for those applications (Apple iOS and App Store), investors would have made over 16,000 X’s return on their money.

Incidentally, those above apps rely on sensors in the mobile phone.  Literally speaking,  Web 3.0 will rely on countless sensors in the real world.

Additionally, this new computing wave will also include sensors… anything connected to the Web in the physical world… the possibility of AI agents is INFINITE!

By investing in the operating system of a new wave, it’s more like picks and shovels versus (or should we say VERSES) the miner’s theory.

AI is the new OS, and KOSMOS is the ONLY AI OS! 

Simply, the “first bite of the apple.”


VERSES AI KOSMOS Artificial Intelligence Operating System

VERSES AI Protocols could be the standard for Artificial Intelligence.

At this juncture, let’s revisit and discuss the role of the IEEE.  The same group that assures one that you won’t get electrocuted when plugging an appliance into an outlet will soon be deciding the standards for artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (Spatial Web).

A critically important group to the very fabric of society worldwide, they also set the standard for ethernet, Bluetooth, and probably the most famous standard, WiFi.

In July 2020, VERSES AI secured a licensing agreement with the world’s largest standards development organization, IEEE, which designated the Spatial Web protocols “a public imperative,” exclusively reserved for critical infrastructure standards that benefit humanity at large such as for nuclear energy, voting machines and power grids. … yeah you don’t want out of control drones or cars!

Both the amount of investment and productivity gains will be mind-boggling when adding cognitive computing to any device or data.

With that in mind, EVERY object and location will be connected to the Internet and monitored in real time…(VERSES AI can also make that possible.)

Here’s the problem, though.

The current standards (protocols) for the Web and web pages are HTML and HTTP.

They won’t work for drones, cars, etc…, including physical objects and locations.

In light of this conundrum, VERSES AI has developed HSTP and HSML protocols for the Spatial Web.

In fact, VERSES AI did a pilot for this a couple of years ago with NRI and landed the company’s first contract with their WAYFINDER solution.

You can read how the IEEE is proposing to make their protocol THE standard for the Spatial Web.

HSTP HSML IEEE Standard Public Imperative

So, what does that mean?

Just like EVERY laptop, cellphone, doorbell, surveillance camera, drone, etc…, has the WiFi standard built into it, it would mean VERSES’ HSTP protocol would be embedded in 100B+ devices we’ve talked about above and expound upon below.

The Spatial Web will be 1,000 X’s bigger than the current Web.

(read more about how the Spatial Web is Changing the Internet)

Are you starting to see why this company could be the most valuable company in the world?


Artificial Intelligence Agents with Multi-Billion Dollar Revenue Potential.

Not only does VERSES AI have THE AI operating system, but they developed several AI agents to prove their artificial and spatial intelligence.

(Please note the term “agents” and not applications. An agent can communicate across other applications, whereas an application can’t).

This is just one of the many ways VERSES AI technology will lead to a rapid increase in productivity. 

Consider the following examples:

An agent can apply AI across several applications.

Salesforce-Slack-Azure-Shopify (enterprise)

Uber-email-browsing history-Yelp-SMS (consumer)

Can you envision how applications and agents could work together in real-time, and the INFINITE time-saving uses?

Introducing VERSES AI’s first agent, WAYFINDER

Think of a “Waze for the Warehouse”. This agent offers the ability for any warehouse “picker” to find items in the most efficient manner.  Just like If you didn’t know a city, you would just use the Waze app to get around.

Their first pilot helped a company save 35% in productivity and DOUBLE its net income. Not surprisingly, the company announced its FIRST RESELLER in November, BlueYonder.

The company is forecasting $1M – $2M per client for BlueYonder’s 3,000 of the largest brands in the world.

Furthermore, BlueYonder is like the “WalMart of the warehouse industry.”

When you hear a company will soon be selling its product in WalMart, do you wait to see the revenue, or do most invest ANTICIPATING revenue?

Instead of selling $10 ScrubDaddys to consumers, a $1M – $2M run-rate projection per client that has proven to increase revenue/reduce expenses, with 70% margins and recurring revenue, is being sold to 3,000 of the largest brands in the world would strike most investors as a no-brainer!

We’ll let readers do the math, cuz it’s a lot of ZEROS and commas involved!

KEYPOINT: While VERSES AI has minimal revenues to date ($2.8M), this ONE reseller agreement alone could deliver a significant ramp in revenue.

Just seeing that a company has a product distribution plan for a product, is EXACTLY what professional investors look for, and why they can generate above-average returns.

This brings us to the launch of their second agent by the name of DATALENS, which is like a real-time fMRi of a company.  It involves physical and digital inventory/data.

BEST Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Analytics Tool

Instead of finding the most efficient way to find PHYSICAL items in its warehouse using WAYFINDER, KOSMOS™ technology can find the most efficient way to find DIGITAL items in its unstructured data… FAST

To be sure here, we’re not talking weeks or months to make sense of this data… we’re talking MINUTES!

This application can be layered ON TOP of a company’s data, and in minutes it can provide detailed analytics and be able to SEARCH for any type of statistic or conclusion.


Tell me the least profitable item we sell and how much capital we devote to it.

What contracts are over budget or past deadlines?

How much does our net income improve if we use X in our widgets instead of the current Z?

What products in our warehouse take up the most amount of space and deliver the lowest margin?

How many days does the cost to keep our chicken breasts frozen outweigh our profit from them?

Tell me which insurance policy deductible is better based on our claims for the past year, 5 years, etc…

Readers can hopefully see how this proprietary AI analytics tool will improve ANY company’s operating efficiency… it will be worth TRILLIONS… as you will soon see.

Correspondingly, the company feels contract valuations could be 10-50 X’s larger than WAYFINDER contracts.

Again, we’ll let you do the math, but something other than an abacus is recommended.  😉

IMPORTANT POINT: VERSES does NOT store a company’s data; they just provide the analytics for it.

DataLens simply represents the “Holy Grail of smart enterprise analytics and why VERSES AI may be considered the BEST Stock Alternative to C3 Ai

Having AI agents that are already generating revenue, or close to generating revenue, along with the ONLY adaptive artificial intelligence OS, should reduce the investor’s risk.

The Penny Stock Penetrating a Multi Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity.

McKinsey Global Institute estimates that AI (neural networks ONLY) will have a 20% advantage on the GDP.

That equates to a $13T contribution to Global GDP by 2030.

According to Goldman estimates, AI could add as much as $200T in output to the global economy by 2030… which translates into $14T in revenues for AI software companies by 2030.

The total global addressable market (TAM) for AI-based operating systems and applications is the LARGEST global TAM in technology history.


Artificial Intelligence Impact on GDP

Because of this, EVERY industry will be forced to adopt AI in order to remain competitive.  Conversely, companies that wait to adopt may never catch up!

When you can tell a company they can improve their productivity by 35% and in some cases, double the bottom line, along with MINIMAL and TIME costs, how quickly do you think they sign on the bottom line?

VERSES AI offers solutions that could literally SAVE money and energy (the climate changers/ESG proponents will be over the moon), along with INCREASING revenue by the trillions.

Yet, amazingly and to savvy investors’ good fortune, the stock trades at just above a nanocap valuation.

Taking all the above into consideration, let’s put on our VC goggles here!

Need we remind readers again that Microsoft invested $1B into OpenAI, which had a concept. They followed that up by investing $10B with an inferred valuation of $29B when the company was generating roughly $3M in revenue.

Now, on the other extreme positive side of this equation, VERSES AI is already generating more revenue than OpenAI.  Not only that, they have the ONLY AI operating system, AND several AI applications/agents, Fortune 500 clients, and protocols already for Web 3.0!

That was the reader’s first bite, and here we go with your 2nd bite of the apple.

Oh yeah… definitely need to include this.


Bill Gates Artificial Intelligence Personal Agent

VERSES AI is producing Bill Gates’ vision of a “personal agent,” and IT’S IN BETA.

Bill Gates spoke about his vision of an AI personal agent this just a few weeks ago.

You’ll be able to use natural language to have this agent help you with scheduling, communications, and e-commerce, and it will work across all your devices. Because of the cost of training the models and running the computations, creating a personal agent is not feasible yet, but thanks to the recent advances in AI, it is now a realistic goal”.

This isn’t a goal… it has ALREADY been achieved by VERSES AI

Well Bill, in February VERSES AI announced their plans to launch “GIA”, the general information agent.

GIA, a General Intelligent Agent, is a next-generation personal AI assistant that is designed to learn about its users in order to better organize, manage, and optimize their digital life.

GIA, the smart interface to the digital world, is a voice and text-based digital assistant that operates under a user’s direction and on their behalf, searching, filtering, and summarizing information across multiple data sources.

With unique features like automating data organization, predictive reasoning, and the ability to learn over time, GIA is poised to become the first intelligent all-in-one solution for anyone seeking a smarter way to organize, manage, and automate their personal and professional activities.

GIA is like having the smartest executive assistant for $20/month.

Example: You need a podiatrist. You ask GIA to find the best podiatrist on your health insurance plan. Yelp finds the highest rated one, cross checks with your insurance plan, and contacts their website’s chatbot (prob using ChatGPT) to make an appointment (according to your calendar). On the day of your appointment, Uber notifies you that traffic is heavier than normal on the way to that doctor’s office and calls for an Uber earlier.

ChatGPT is expected to generate $200M in ‘23 and $1B in ‘24

Talking about oranges and the proverbial superior apple, how much revenue do you think an agent like GIA could generate?

Not only thinking consumer here, but readers should contemplate enterprise too in this equation.


VERSES AI GIA General Intelligent Agent
VERSES AI Artificial Intelligence App Store

The FIRST and ONLY Artificial Intelligence App Store.

The first day ChatGPT was available to the public, 10M developers stopped developing apps for the mobile device and started developing apps/plugins that use ChatGPT.

BUT, please keep in mind here, ChatGPT is ONLY available as a website!

Soon VERSES AI will be offering the KOSM SDK, a software development kit.

Those very same initial 10M developers will then be able to create applications (agents) for any device or digital data…  So what, the casual reader might ask? 

Well, that simply means agents for drones, cars, cameras, solar panels, etc…, AND for any database on the Web can be developed.

OK then, let’s extrapolate a bit here.  Here’s where we get to that astronomical number of devices mentioned previously.

We are now talking about 100B plus devices (cars, drones, cameras, phones, PCs, planes, trains, etc…  ANY device that can utilize ANY sensor in the physical world with ANY database.

Remember those IEEE standards alluded to earlier?

Together with having THE standard from the IEEE, EVERY application/agent would have to be written using VERSES AI HSML and HSTP protocols.

In the same fashion, it’s certainly not far-fetched to think that there could be 100M plus applications/agents in the KOSM App Store.

As readers can tell at this point, we love math.  So, when Apple generates $80B a year from a cut of the 2M apps in their App Store with JUST 4.5B smartphones…

What kind of revenue could VERSES AI generate if there were 100M agents in its store?… yeah, that’s right, even more commas and zeros!

We saved the best chomp for last, but there’s that 3rd bite of the apple! 


VERSES AI Artificial Intelligence Revenue Streams

But what the heck, let’s not stop there!!


VERSES AI could offer domains for the Spatial Web.

Think of this as the “GoDaddy for the Spatial Web.”

Do you remember when the Internet first started?

Everyone was in a rush to get their domain name for brands or a topic. Some investors made a fortune buying coveted domains like,, etc…

Well, that same “land grab” is coming again, but this time it will be MUCH bigger.

EVERY thing and location will be connected, and the majority of them will need a DIGITAL domain AND location on Web 3.0.

Just take a guess who could be the ONLY company that offers these domains? 

Aw, C’mon, stop it, readers might be thinking about now!

It just so happens that part of the company’s involvement with the Spatial Web Foundation is the spatial web domain registry.

In what could amount to a veritable embarrassment of riches, selling and renting these domains could be another multibillion dollar revenue stream.


A chance to Invest in Artificial Intelligence like a VC.

VCs invest in companies that they feel have at least a 10 X potential. They get access to these companies BEFORE they go public in an IPO.

Those 1,000 X returns usually happen BEFORE the companies go public. You, the retail investor, NEVER get access to those unless you’re an accredited investor or have connections with a VC.

However, the situation with VERSES AI is truly unique.

Gabriel and Dan, the co-founders, are seasoned veterans of Silicon Valley and know what happens to almost every VC-funded startup. Usually, the founder(s) ownership gets massively diluted within a couple of years, and the VC instills a new management team.

As a perfect example of this, Sequoia funded Google on June 7, 1999, and in August 2001, Eric Schmidt replaced Larry Page and Sergey Brin as CEO.

Together, Gabriel and Dan envisioned AI and the Spatial Web many years ago (Dan actually built a business around the concept 30 years ago), and together, they wrote a best-selling book titled The Spatial Web.

These guys are not in this just to “cash out.”

Basically, their decision to bring the company public through a reverse merger on the NEO Exchange would allow them to raise capital in the public market and build the company with less coverage.

The majority of retail investors don’t have access to see at what level AI companies are being funded, along with what kind of technology and  valuations.

For example, Google just recently invested $300M in a ChatGPT rival that was pre-revenue and pre-launch, giving it a valuation of $3B.

Based on the current venture activity, it’s our opinion that IF the company had gone the VC route, they could have raised money at a MUCH HIGHER valuation than what they’re currently trading at.

On the flip side, if the company did finance (with institutions) into an uplisting, and got listed to a major exchange, their market capitalization could change very QUICKLY!

Institutions would have a much better idea of what this company should be valued at than retail investors.

To say nothing of professional investors focusing on the company’s vision and ability to build an AI platform YEARS before the competition, and thus not focusing on current revenue and profitability.


Uplisting to a Major U.S Exchange is Similar to an IPO.


VCs invest early and get rewarded if/when their investment goes public (or gets bought out).  In the case of an IPO, that’s when institutions can buy shares in the company.

With many penny stocks, institutions are PROHIBITED from buying shares in companies that trade on the lower exchanges or with smaller market caps.

It’s VERY RARE for a penny stock to get enough traction and retail investor support to meet the qualifications for an uplisting… BUT when they do, they can deliver INCREDIBLE returns.

Right now, VERSES AI trades on the OTCQX. As stated, MANY financial institutions and professional money managers are prohibited from purchasing shares. 

Heck, some major brokerage firms won’t allow purchases of the stock for that matter!

VERSES AI also trades on the Canadian NEO Exchange, which was acquired by the US-based (Chicago) Chicago Board Options Exchange or the CBOE.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that VERSES AI could be a potential candidate for an uplisting to the CBOE.

If VERSES AI decides and is able to uplist their shares to a major U. S. exchange, you could see the start of MUCH LARGER buying from institutions.

With that, let’s recap here somewhat.

VERSES AI offers EVERYTHING a venture capital company looks for.

  • The product solves a problem(s)
  • Total addressable market (TAM) is large (trillions)
  • Demonstrated proof of concept (NRI+WAYFINDER)
  • Product has something proprietary (IEEE)
  • Low capital requirements to scale for revenue
  • A distribution plan in place (BlueYonder to start)
  • Seasoned management team
  • 100X potential or greater


Why VERSES AI could be the MOST VALUABLE Company in the World

  • Company has developed artificial general intelligence
  • They have the ONLY artificial intelligence operating system
  • They are the ONLY pure horizontal AI play
  • Several potential $B revenue agents that use adaptive & spatial intelligence
  • Bill Gates’ vision of a personal agent is in Beta
  • SDK for developers for true AI agents
  • Launching the world’s FIRST AI App Store (“Apple App Store for AI”)
  • Have the standards for the Spatial Web (expecting IEEE approval)
  • The GoDaddy for the Spatial Web


We hope readers can now wrap their minds around why VERSES AI could become the most valuable company in the world?

Now, with all that being said, some investors are waiting to see revenue for confirmation and that’s perfectly normal.

Some of the biggest returns on Wall Street have come from investing in a company BEFORE REVENUE (aka “pre-revenue” according to VCs) and BEFORE institutional buying.

Please, see our initial research report titled Artificial Intelligence, Real Wealth when the stock was trading at $.65

Since then, one analyst initiated coverage with a price target of $25.

That would be a 3,900% from our initial recommendation and a 1,900% gain from the current price… ANY INVESTOR, including a VC, would be thrilled with a return like that.

Please also see Notes from their recent investment conference


VERSES AI Capital Structure April 2023
VERSES AI Management Team


Canadian Company

The company is based in Canada, trades on a Canadian Exchange, and files on SEDAR. Any seasoned investor will tell you those are a lot of red flags. The Canadian stock exchanges are notorious for “irregular” trading with little regulatory enforcement.

SEDAR is the Canadian version of EDGAR. It is EXTREMELY difficult to use and MANY U. S. financial institutions won’t even look at a company if their financials are on it. If the company uplists to a major U. S. exchange, they would be forced to file on EDGAR.

Burn Rate

The company’s burn rate is OVER $1M per month. 


Upon searching for the company on Google or YouTube, readers will see a lot of articles and videos. Most of these were paid for by the company (see disclaimer), which can be perceived as a red flag.

We tend to believe it’s because the company’s concept and platform are so encompassing that there hasn’t been the right person to tell the story.

Whereas readers might say, “Yeah, but you’re getting paid by the company to promote.”  Yes, this is true, but there are a couple of things to factor in.  We have a 30-year track record of highlighting disruptive technology, and we have introduced MANY companies to Big Tech, including Microsoft.

Most importantly, how many promotional pieces also highlight the risks?

FTR when we were hired on Feb 13, the price of VRSSF was .65

Limited Revenue

While one of their pilots turned into a sizable contract ($26M), the company has not announced a contract since July ‘22. They have announced several reseller/partnerships, but they have not publicly announced any contracts with them as of yet.


Companies with MUCH DEEPER pockets and larger networks are pursuing AI solutions. There is no assurance they can get enough traction to continue raising funds or turn profitable.

This is a VERY FAST MOVING space and there may be other forms of artificial intelligence that may leapfrog VERSES AI’s solutions.

Warrant Overhang

There are approximately 15M warrants exercisable at C$1. With the share price at a 40% premium to the warrant exercise price, there could be warrant holders selling stock to exercise warrants that are in the money. That said, this would put significant cash in the company coffers. On April 24th, the company announced that it had received almost C$2.5M from the exercise of warrants and options.


Bottom Line

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This information is for educational purposes only, it is NOT investment advice. It is published as an information service for highly speculative investors, and it includes opinions on buying, selling, and holding various stocks and other securities. VERSES AI Inc is an extremely high-risk investment, and it is HIGHLY LIKELY you can LOSE YOUR ENTIRE INVESTMENT. Investors should consult with their financial advisor BEFORE making ANY investment.

Prospective investors should carefully consider and evaluate all risks and uncertainties involved in an investment in this Company, including risks related to the Company’s limited operating history, the Company’s need for additional funding, the Company’s ability to successfully implement its growth strategy, conflicts of interest, the uncertainty of the use of available funds, the Company’s failure to manage growth, and reliance on strategic partnerships.

The information provided is obtained from sources believed to be reliable but is not guaranteed for accuracy or completeness. Any persons who buy, sell, or hold securities should do so with caution and consult with a broker or investment adviser before doing so.

Any discussions and pages may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. A company’s results could differ materially from those in forward-looking statements or announcements.

All material is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities.

At various times, we may own, buy or sell the securities discussed for investment or trading purposes. We (publishers, owners, and agents) are not liable for any losses or damages, monetary or otherwise, that result from the content shared.

Scott Shaffer is compensated by VERSES AI Inc (the “Company”) for publicizing information about the Company and its products.

The payment was made through both (i) a $50,000 signing bonus from the Company and (ii) the payment of cash compensation in the amount of $7500.00 per month for a period of 6 months starting February 2023.

As of April 14, 2023,  the Company had (i) issued $50,000 and (ii) paid an aggregate of $15,000.00  in cash compensation for such services by Scott Shaffer.  On April 17, 2023, The Company extended the contract for an additional 6 months and cash compensation was increased to $10,000 per month. Additional cash payments may have accrued since then.

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