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The BEST Legal Alternative To Marijuana- PINWEEL

PINWEEL is the BEST LEGAL alternative to marijuana. They offer MANY legal substitutes for THC, some even STRONGER than Delta 9.

The BEST Legal Alternative To Marijuana PINWEEL

Published: December 8, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

PINWEEL The BEST Legal Substitute For THC

Are you in a state that hasn’t legalized marijuana yet?

We’re going to show you how to buy the BEST legal substitute for marijuana.

On December 20, 2018, the Farm Bill of 2018 was signed into law which made it legal to grow, sell and consume hemp.

Yeah, hemp only has 0.3% or less THC, the psychoactive component that gets you high. While marijuana has an average of 14.6% THC.

MOST PEOPLE think of hemp as the “weak pot” because it only has 0.3% or less THC….but they are VERY WRONG.

Hemp contains numerous cannabinoids that are MUCH STRONGER than THC..or as it’s more commonly known, “pot” or “weed.”

One of these cannabinoids is THC-P, and research shows that it is 30 TIMES STRONGER than marijuana… and YES, it is legal at the Federal level.

Some of the other cannabinoids that are stronger than Delta (D9) and that ARE LEGAL are:

HHC-O, THC-O, HHC-P, Delta 11 (D11)

PINWEEL offers all of these legal alternatives to marijuana.


What is a legal alternative to marijuana?

When people purchase marijuana, there’s a good chance they’re looking to get high. What they REALLY WANT is the cannabinoid THC.

THC is the component in marijuana that gets a person high.

THC is found in both hemp (which is legal at the Federal level) and marijuana (which is only legal in a few states).

These are cannabinoids in hemp that can get you high LEGALLY.

  • Delta 8 it is a “lite version” of marijuana and doesn’t carry the same negative side effects as THC  (anxiety, paranoia or rapid heartbeat).
  • HHC Roughly 70-80% strength of THC. More potent than Delta 8.
  • HHC-O As close as you can get to regular Delta 9 THC
  • THC-O 3Xs stronger than Delta 9. The synthetic version of Delta 9.
  • HHC-P Produces a psychoactive effect comparable to THC-P but with a longer lasting duration.
  • D11 or Delta 11 People describe a stronger feeling of euphoria than they’ve ever experienced with any other cannabinoid.
  • THC-P More than 30 TIMES the potency of conventional Delta 9 THC from marijuana

You can find all of these alternative cannabis products at PINWEEL.

PINWEEL The BEST Legal Alternative To Marijuana

The BEST alternative to medical marijuana.

So your state only offers medical marijuana, but you don’t feel like spending money to get your medical marijuana use registry card, or maybe you want something better?

You’re in luck. There are MUCH better and legal alternatives.

Because all of the cannabinoids are derived from hemp, they are considered LEGAL at the Federal Level.

Choose the strength or potency you want instead of just one offered with medical marijuana.

You don’t need a medical marijuana card to buy them!

It has never been easier to buy legal weed alternatives online.

What is a LEGAL substitute for THC?

THC-V, D10, D8, HHC, HHC-O, THC-O, HHC-P, D11 and THC-P are all considered legal substitutes for THC because they are derived from hemp, which is legal at the Federal Level.

Not only are these hemp derived cannabinoids legal, but when they are blended, they can provide more customized feelings than marijuana.

Some of the feelings produced include Energy, Focus, Mellow, Relaxing, Blissful, Uplifting, Silly, Creative, Euphoric, and Loose.

PINWEEL is the best legal alternative to weed because it not offers different strengths but customized blends for different effects.

Ready to see why it’s considered the World’s Best Alternative Cannabis?


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