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OnlyFans Ban Advice

The OnlyFans ban of adult content threat should be a wakeup call for any person that makes a living on it. Here is some advice….

OnlyFans Ban Advice

Published: September 22, 2021 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

OnlyFans Ban Advice

In August, OnlyFans, threw the amateur adult content industry a curveball. The site announced they would be banning pornography, the content that generates almost all of their revenue. Huh?

OnlyFans is one of the fastest growing website. It has more than 130 million registered users and over 2 million adult content creators.

Of course a massive backlash came from adult content creators. OnlyFans blamed the explicit content ban on pressure from banking partners and payment providers. A week later they reversed their decision.

We have always believed that when there’s smoke, there’s a fire. It wouldn’t suprise us to see a permanent ban get reenacted.

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Does anyone remember how Tumblr killed their business? Back in 2018, their wildly successful photo and video platform banned all adult content. How much is adult content worth to a platform? Yahoo purchased Tumblr for $1.1 Billion. Less than one year after adult content ban went into effect, Tumblr was sold for $3 million.

Great business call there.


If you run your business through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube be aware that on any given day they can change the rules on you and your busines could be over.

Don’t think it could happen to you?

When the 4th largest newspaper gets blocked on Twitter for tweeting their FRONT PAGE story, your social media account is not immune.

This is a video we give advice to anyone on social media.


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The best OnlyFans advice.

Today, not if they ban adult content, start building your own platform.

Do not wait to see if OnlyFans permanently implements this ban. You need to create your own website and be in control of your most valuable asset. No, not that:) Your most valuable asset is your email database.

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What many people are starting to realize is that if your channel isn’t optimized, the chances of your videos getting found decrease each day as more channel and vides are getting created.


How to grow your OnlyFans subscriber base.

What do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and OnlyFans all have in common? They are platforms. You post YOUR content on THEIR site so it can be shared. Once you post the content it becomes THEIR content. Did you know that?

Not only that but if they want to restrict or delete your account they can.

This is how you can grow your subscribers on ANY social media platform like OnlyFans. Build a simple website where you can store your content. Create a frree YouTube channel as well. Start creating content AWAY from the social media sites so YOU CONTROL your brand, and destiny.

Yeah but YouTube could ban me there as well“.  Yes, that is true but not before you have reached a MUCH BIGGER audience.

Most of these social media “celebrities” don’t realize is that their business could be taken away over night. If you post something that is offensive or conflicts with their values, it could be lights out.

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We guarantee that if you want to grow your social media presence, this includes OnlyFans, you need to get your own website and start posting your content there. In addition to being in control, your website will get picked up in the largest search engine Google.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc are NOT SEARCH ENGINES.  If you want to get found on the Web, you need to get your site and content into Google’s database.

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6 YouTube Optimization Tips.
  1. Find keywords that don’t face too much competition.
  2. Does your title convey what video is about?
  3. Use the description to include your targeted keywords.
  4. Find correct hashtags.
  5. Include the SEO keywords.
  6. Provide a GREAT thumbnail.

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Bottom Line

These are 5 things you can do to get more traffic.  Our digital marketing agency believes that creative content is better than spending money on ads.

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