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How To Day Trade Stocks For A Living

Want to know how to day trade stocks FOR A LIVING? Here is everything you need to make money as a stock day trader.

How To Day Trade Stocks For A Living

Published: June 9, 2022 | Published By: Real Creative Agency

Here Is How To Day Trade Stocks For A Living

Want to make a GREAT living day trading?

A 20 year Wall Street veteran is going to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to be a great day stock day trader.

Here are the things you will learn.

How much does an average day trader make?

Well, the number of people that MAKE money day trading is less than 10%.

The number of people that make a living trading is LESS THAN 4%!

The reason most fail at day trading is because they trade the wrong stocks, use the wrong indicator(s) and most importantly…trade using emotion.

Trading today is done by computers and algorithms. ALL of the emotion has been removed. Let me show you how the professionals trade and what indicator THEY USE.

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First, how much capital do you need to trade?

Capital is what keeps you in business. Take big losses and you’re out of business.

Determine what your daily goal is. Do you want to make $100, $1000 or $10,000 a day?

A general rule we use is the 100X per daily goal. If your daily goal is $100, you should have at least 100 times that amount, or $10,000 in capital, to trade with.

The trick is to trade higher priced stocks. They can move 1 to 10 points in a day so you don’t need a large number of shares to capture those swings.

You WILL take losses so the more capital you have to trade with, the easier it is to take those small losses.

Next, what type of stocks should you trade?

Remember this rule….only trade liquid stocks!

Do not trade illiquid penny stocks, or that tip your buddy gave you.

Your goal is to get in and get out fast. The ONLY way you can do that is with a stock that is VERY active and being traded by institutions.

It is much easier to trade 100 shares of a $200 stock than 2000 shares of a $1 stock.

You want the ability to get in and out FAST. The smaller your position, the easier it is to trade.

FORGET the, “but if I can just get $.25 on more shares, I will make more money“.

You will be better off making 5 small profitable trades than going after 1 big one.

The BEST place to find stocks to trade is on your trading platform’s “Most Active Stocks” or just watch the ticker at the bottom of a financial show.

These are the stocks that make for GREAT DAY TRADES…and we will show you the EASIEST way to trade them shortly.

This is the video that explains the BEST STOCK TRADING indicator.

Can you make a career from day trading?

ABSOLUTELY. But, you need to be EXTREMELY disciplined and ONLY use one stock trading indicator (we’ll explain shortly).

What expectations should you look for?

SMALL wins…as many times a day as you can get them.

When you first start trading, you should only look to capture 1 to 3% moves.

A 1% move on a $50 stock is $.50… and THAT is why we suggest ONLY trading higher priced stocks.

Higher priced stocks move $.50 in seconds…get the gameplan now?

The goal is to capture as many 1-3% moves as possible in day.

If you do the math, that is an INCREDIBLE way to make a living.

Once you master capturing these small gains, you can either increase your trading size or ride a move for longer gains.

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The Best And Easiest Day Trading Program For Beginners

Day Trading Guide

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What is the BEST indicator for day trading?

Ok this is the most important part to making a living as a day trader.

There is ONE INDICATOR that professional traders use, because it is NEVER WRONG.

99% of retail traders don’t even know it exists.


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Stock Day Trading Tips.
  1. Protect your capital.
  2. The stock market is NEVER wrong, your trade is.
  3. The same stock can be a buy and short in the matter of minutes.
  4. Focus on taking small gains FIRST.
  5. ALWAYS obey this stock indicator.
  6. NEVER try to “make up” a bad trading day with one trade.
  7. NEVER take a position home overnight.


Day Trading Guide

I want to trade like a pro today!

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